Tourist walks off pier while browsing on Facebook

Police rescue woman from dark and chilly Melbourne waters still clutching her mobile phone

A tourist had to be rescued by police after plunging off a pier while browsing Facebook on her phone, officials said.

The woman was walking along a bay in Melbourne on Monday night when she became distracted by her Facebook feed and plummeted off the pier into the chilly water, Victoria state police said.

Tourist walks off pier while browsing on Facebook

A witness called for help and police rushed to the woman’s aid. They found her flailing around in the water, about 20m (65ft ) from the pier.

“She was still out in the water lying on her back in a floating position because she told us later that she couldn’t swim,” senior Constable Dean Kelly of the state water police told ABC television. “She still had her mobile phone in her hand and initially she apologised and said sorry.”

The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. Police declined to say which country the woman came from.

“With Facebook, or social media in general as far as we’re concerned, if you’re anywhere near the water just pay attention,” Kelly said. “Especially if you can’t swim.”

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