Town Hall 8 World Best War Base Ever (TH8 war AnTi 3 Star) AnTi Gowipe/Dragon/Goho 2016 + REPLAYS


TH8 best war base – Anti Dragon / gowipe Anti / Anti gowiho / against 3 star ~~~~~~~~~~ the Jack Sparrow CoC ~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to the channel ‘s Jack Sparrow COC , …


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  1. this base is already 3s you can see in 11:40

  2. Th7 anti 3 stars???

  3. Emily Woods says:

    What way is the air sweeper meant to be?

  4. hey jack please do a new base that is good in cyrstal and masters league range. thanks bro

  5. Paul Reiche says:

    Wow BEST BASE ??????

  6. CJ Williams says:

    Using this base now, hope it helps! haha should work way better now with the update, & was fun watching the replays of the hogs, so many died by that wonderful DB location! :D

  7. dude those attackers didnt even no wut dey were doing no th8 ist anti 3 star if a gd n experience th8 attacks it if it was th9 or higher i would have accepted but anti 3 star th8 is a joke

  8. Terry Qu says:

    Really nice base.. the know thing i would try to 3 star this is with quad quake goho (which probably wouldnt work considering how difficult it would be to get to the DB sets.

  9. Jonah Lee!! says:

    I hate the new A.D. Look

  10. if 8.5 th will attack that kind of base

  11. hi jack can i join ur clan

  12. the name is king dragon

  13. you deserve more subscriber man . really that's sad

  14. I need to design the house to save th8 cups and resources

  15. Damn easy base noob attackers

  16. nice 1 but can u plz make a base design 4 TROPHY PUSHING I am MAX TH8 going to CHAMPS than u

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