TransAsia GE235 Brought Down By Satanic Illuminati Numbers


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  1. Great work again Global and thanks for the honorable mention! I'm still a student on the #;s but I love studying them the most because it is true, "numbers don't lie". On a side note, I am still tripping on the damage to the taxi against the knowledge the aircraft was in a decent at the time of taxi impact. It is screaming at me but I am not going to use the dirty "H" word, lol. Peace and Godspeed!

  2. Yeah, it's CGI alright. Some of the street light poles melt into th plane in some frames. Nice video G-A ;)

  3. Great job breaking down the numbers, excellent work friend! I need your help when I make videos!

  4. April 15 is also the date the Titanic fully submerged and Lincoln died.  I have to say how much I like this video again.

  5. 10:55 is a 'numerology' time as well, and notice the gap from 10:55 to 11:07 is 12 minutes, a number of much importance lately.  (12 and 21 have '3' numerology)
    1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55
    55 = 5+5 = 10
    Numerology = 5+3+4+5+9+6+3+6+7+7 = 55

  6. The Satanic Numbers Do Not Lie…

  7. Jo B says:

    "The French Built ATR 72 was delivered to Trans Asia Airlines on April 15 2014". This was exactly one year from the Boston bombings on April 15th 2013 which was the 117th marathon!!! I notice from the Production List on the video that B-22810 was delivered on 7/11! and B-22708 was delivered on 28/9 (This years final Blood Moon date)…small world!

  8. Jordon Rains says:

    You did a great job on this video ?
    I guess you saw the connection with the number 235 heavily encoded all throughout this hoax..

  9. Grimwriggler says:

    no coincidence either that the dollar bill was changed in 1933 to the one we all have today

  10. eye light says:

    Brilliant ,this is very important history , the numbers make it live , your interpretation is concise ,328 views, it should be 328,000,000

  11. Grizzleface says:

    The 21 is absolutely everywhere!

  12. Tim Sorsdahl says:

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