Transcending the American Lockdown


by Zen Gardner

Hard to believe but it’s happened. What’s more alarming is how quickly and smoothly it’s been pulled off without an apparent whimper of protest.

Or so they’ve led us to believe. In reality there’s been a huge outcry from several corners about the virtual annulment of the Bill of Rights. The media’s just so air tight we’re not hearing a squeak.

That’s what’s scary.

And it’s worked.

Mainstream America has virtually swallowed the ocean of sanitized lies and egregious omissions it’s been dealt. The US is now officially part of the New World Order, by default. That’s what’s daunting. Any possibility of an uprising by the many is almost past.


But you know what?

It’s always been that way. The few with the truth have always led the way. And real change for the better inevitably followed the eventual collapse of every corrupt empire.

Psychotropic Stupor

Why don’t the masses get it? Well, if you’re not paying attention this might be puzzling. But if you are watching with any clarity of thought it’s obvious. The medicated masses are benumbed. They’ve succumbed to a massively manipulated program of social engineering.

Chemically designed water, air, food and drugs along with a complicit mind-numbing media have given birth to an exponentially expanding generation of gnomes that carry out the whims of a corporo-fascist dictatorship that exceeds the dreams of George Orwell.

We’re here…before the asteroids hit and after the antelopes play, we’re here.

And to the awake it’s a bit like a dream where you can’t scream.

The Pizza Oven Dream

A couple of years ago I had a striking dream that woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was watching someone standing in front of a pizza oven in a dazed, transfixed state. He was a typical youngish overweight American just staring at the fire from about 3 feet away from the oven. But the fire was growing, steadily. And as it did he didn’t move. He was totally fixated into such a state he couldn’t even feel the heat.

As the fire grew in intensity I could see his flesh literally starting to cook. And he still didn’t flinch. At this point I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs imploring him to move, and still nothing. The scene so horrified me it woke me up as I was screaming.

I was living in Southern California near the beach at the time and we were getting chemtrailed something fierce everyday. While I had my windows rolled up and the aircon on recycle as I do on spraydays, I’m always befuddled and horrified by the hundreds of joggers, bikers and surfers I drove by each day who were completely ignorant of their demise under their poisonous chemical skies. So I think this vived dream was an expression of how I feel watching this horrific reality play out on the benumbed, completely unsuspecting masses.

Sound freakishly appropriate? Did to me.

Where Is The Revolution?

The outrageousness of our takeover is beyond comprehenision, as I’ve said many times. In fact, tyranny knows no humanity. It’s a metastasizing monster that has a life if its own. Our reaction to it is the issue. And you can’t help but believe we each meet different fates depending on how we lived our lives here and either acquiesced or stood up to such monstrous encroachments on natural and personal sanctity.

And that’s where the true drama lies.

But I want to again address the role the awake can play. Admittedly it’s hopeful, conscious conjecture and responsible action that leads to positive change, as has been the case during any and every true, good revolution in history. And however we are compelled to participate, every human with any receptivity will feel the pull to activate when faced with confrontation of any kind. And they’ll either discard it or interpret it into action of some sort and at some level, how little or how much.

And all according to many factors.

And Once Awake, What can We Do?

I don’t know. I only know my personal reality one day at time. But I think I know people, at least to some degree. And they’re generally not ready. The masses are going to fall for the whole false, pre-programmed enchilada. And that’s a big part of what we need to prepare for.

And for the awake? Communicate, love all those you can, spread the word, but be realistic. The shit will hit the fan…and already is.

Speak truth and let the chips fall where they may. The Universe will pick them up. But respond to conscious awareness and enter the fray accordingly.

But please, don’t be an unresponsive slackard.

Love, Zen

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