Transformers – Piano Suite


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  1. Sehr gut! Aller Achtung!

  2. Ken2it says:

    Sir, this is better than the original!

  3. wonderful!!!!! i love this song and you had played this very well.
    Are ther any sheets???

  4. It's amazing! Congratulations!

  5. Pianoheld99 says:

    very beautiful but where are the sheets :)

  6. Kai Hollmann says:

    It is so wonderfull you can play soooo gooood

  7. goji3755 says:

    I knew this was going to be a suite from the 2007 live action film, but when I saw the title I held out a just a little hope this was going to be a piano medley of all those cheesy 80s rock tunes from 1986's Transformers: The Movie…

    Ah well… this is still really cool. Have you done or plan to do a suite of Transformers: Prime?

  8. hey Mark Fowler, love your piano songs! just curious ,
    what do you think of Kyle landry and his version and songs ?

  9. Amazing job! ? that's all I can give you.

  10. You've made this my favourite theme tune

  11. Jin Lee says:

    Is there anyone who has a list of the title of each songs played by Mark in this video? and maybe the time track as well.. ? :)

  12. ALl the crazy religious freaks all around the world should take some piano lessons… It would change the world I bet… Very nice man….

  13. No Kapparino says:

    You should activate reklamms for money, you deserve it! :)

  14. u got the biggest balls!!!

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