Transit walk at Frankfurt Airport, FRA Terminal 1 – Connection flight transfer, arriving & departing


This is an airport / tour review of the inside and outside of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), located in Germany. This airport footage is of a transfer flight and should give …


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  1. Nice Video – we are flying from Manchester to JFK via Frankfurt later this year. Will we need to go through security or just go to gate? Both flights are with Lufthansa.

  2. Thank you so much for this video, soon i'll have a connection flight too, I'm kind of new in this… if I bring baggage, should I go to the Baggage claim? 6:26 … what should I do? :)

  3. Emna Jaiem says:

    I wonder if there is a video to reach Gate A 50 from the same place of this video ?

  4. Abbey Issac says:

    Thank you so I have always scared about the connected flights so my hypothesis was correct insead going to the arrival hallaway you need to find the connectd flight hallaway i am calmed now thank you for this video is its a good video for coward people like me i felt i was with you its awesome journey

  5. Very helpful! Thank you!

  6. Oh you are very tall, or did you hold the camera high up in the air

  7. Thanks for the video! I will be traveling to Frankfurt for the first time ever and I'm so nervous that I'm going to get lost. Quick question. Where is the best place to exchange USD to euros?

  8. Nikki Floyd says:

    i didnt c any customs and immigration signs,,thats where i need to find,,i have to go throough that before i go to my gate,please advise as to where its located,thanks

  9. xnudossix says:

    Wie viel Zeit hattet ihr zum umsteigen? Fliegen nächste Woche nach Lissabon und haben nur 50min. zwischen Landung des Zubringers und Start der nächsten Maschine. Ich hoffe das reicht…

  10. The coordination at FRA is incredible. I've been there and I notice a lot of remote gates. Any plans to expand and add more gates?

  11. Pavel Novák says:

    Thanks for this video! Next week i'm going to fly from Edinburgh to Frankfurt, and after that from Frankfurt to Prague, i was little bit worried about size of the airport, now i'm not, thanks a lot! :)

  12. May I know how long is the transit? Is 2 hours transit enough?

  13. I had come from Johannesburg South Africa and landed at gate A59 and departed at gate A 60 but still had to go threw security and immigration but both gates on different levels

  14. Nedews says:

    thanks nice video and helpful.

  15. Nedews says:

    no security check?

  16. nuno sofyen says:

    is there a Man O'War level 40 with lots of cargo ?? (AC fans)

  17. Nedews says:

    at what terminal did you land before you took the buss to terminal 1?

  18. I've got a flight coming up with Lufthansa with a 50 min connection , will this be long enough? Thanks!

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