Trapped in the Ether – Illuminati Space Program, Transhumanism, 9/11 Truth


This documentary covers a multitude of topics. The Illuminati, the Electric Universe, the Secret Space Program, 9/11 Truth, transhumanism, occult symbolism, the …


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  1. This is solid man ! I really really appreciate what you've done !

  2. Fausto Lazo says:

    Very Nice, God Bless You Brother!

  3. Very interesting and well tied together. Great job! 🙂 Regarding the 911 attacks, I recently came across this clipp which I thought was interesting, maybe you've seen it. /watch?v=LPKq2K2dh6k

    Good day to you and keep up the good work! :)

  4. This was a great documentary. Well made and excellently conveyed!! I was engrossed.
    Hey there is also that scripture in revelation about grievous sores breaking out on those that take the mark!!

  5. I have researched many of your topics, yes we could of had free energy many decades ago but the government hid this from us so we have to spend all our money on fossil fuels ect…. its all a scam to keep us broke and the rich get richer and the poor more dependent on the rich. A form of enslavement

  6. Ana Mil says:

    another CIA production–no thanks

  7. Bob Siemion says:

    Don`t Jesus Christ say that the dead are sleeping and there is nothing going on,,, no brain wave activity at all, nothing, nadda,,, This is right in scriptures so whatever this is coming through is evil and in no way the dead speaking to anybody. This is the demons of satin at work here so be-where people and don`t invite them in cause you will never get them out….

  8. 2010sjay says:

    HAARP; Piezoelectric manipulation of the supercooled, charged particles of the Ionosphere. Great video Titus!

  9. The so-called lunar impact craters are all round. Incoming objects would hit at an angle at times (most of the time) making ovals, etc. and therefore the craters are not impact craters. The electric universe does explain them, however….

  10. AIek 1O says:

    no, your off base. the "they" are spirit beings. they already have the interface, they have demonic possession. they want the individual human experience to be robbed of all value. only in their dominion is life worthy.

  11. It is actually called Brookhaven Lab on Long Island– i grew up there

  12. Titus, I just found your channel through a friend who sent me your "suggested" Podesta & Pedophile/child sacrifice video. Excellent work.

    I just want to point out one detail of these "self proclaimed elite, lords, and gods" …

    These are "gate keepers, front people", of the proverbial bloodline of the Pharoahs. (Remember, I'm speaking in their opinion).

    I have first hand knowledge (but not/never a victim or perpetrator). My dad was involved in the Masons and was DOD. According to their own belief, their transmission, ALL 3 ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS ARE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, JESUIT, ILLUMINATI Creation (although all of the hierarchy in these groups are Masons). Including their creation of "Luciferionism and Satanism"

    The lower class Masons can have whatever religion they wish (or none). They are average Joe's and attend a lodge, involved in community.

    After reaching 33rd, you denounce your belief and swear allegiance to Lucifer.

    I'm not sure when, but the ULTIMATE "god" is "un-named, however, they call him Abraxus, Jehovah, Jaw and Jao.

  13. Very interesting! Makes a lot of sense to me!

  14. whewre can i find the video used for the lightybulb betyween coils]

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