Travel Tips: How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Your Taxi Driver


Philippines Taxis When you want to travel in the Philippines, It’s very important to not get ripped off when you arrive at the Manila Airport! It would definitely make …


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  1. Jason says:

    Great advice.
    Thank you, Sean!

  2. Gerrygambone says:

    Wow, good tips…..but I had no problems in Davao, Taxi's always used the meters…Guess we can thank Mayor Duterte

  3. How much of the cabs are actually bad though 😉 surely not all of them…

  4. michael hale says:

    michael the elec will be back first of sept see you then

  5. Neil Keen says:

    Also double check that the driver is the person shown on the drivers id which should be on display on the dashboard. Another, don't tell them your a tourist. Tell them you live in Philippines. Even if you are dressed like one you can tell them you are returning from vacation.

  6. BJ DRAWH says:

    ir no worse there than the big cities in the usa at their airports

  7. Great advice. Here is a scam. Taxi gets you from airport. It's pouring rain. Taxi ask if you want to change money. He says he will do it for you.
    You give him $100 or what ever. He goes to money changer while you sit in his nice dry taxi. He comes back and says. Sorry can't change or they are closed what ever.
    He gives you your $100 back. Driver takes you to your final destination. Later you find out he switched the $100 with a fake bill. ..SUCKA!

  8. quest 34667 says:

    great video!!!!!

  9. bluegreen988 says:

    never trust taxis in Manila ..they are all thieves..

  10. WTH! says:

    they all have strong religion but they all are criminals
    they just see u as an atm machine when ur tourist

  11. Great tips Sean!Thanks for sharing!!

  12. ACtrance says:

    I'm sure those taxi drivers are going to meet their funerals with a bullet in their heads when they ripped off an armed civilian. That really happened before :(

  13. There are the yellow cabs at the lower area of NAIA. These are 30% more expensive but supposed to use always meter.
    In my case however he claimed that meter was broken. I got off half way and my gf found bus.
    In another case i walked away with her from the airport. Some locals found us a taxi which worked good. We tipped them 5-10 pesos. Away from the airport the chances of getting a good taxi are much better

  14. Thanks, man! CHAPEAU!!

  15. wow ganito na talaga ka sikat ang manila sa kagaguhan ng mga taxi drivers nila? kelangan tga gawan ng video how to avoid maloko haha lol
    i remember dati, back in 2012 when i went back to manila, from the airport i took a cab going to Camp Aguinado, i told the taxi driver na metro lng and he said yes, but then when we were on our way na he told me that the meter is fixed at Php1,500. Wow! this is high way roberry. i worked at NAIA before and i know that it wont even cost Php500 going there.
    Grabe! kaya di kayo umaasenso kasi mandurugas kayo.

  16. c dl says:

    great tips, thanks!

  17. excellent tips. i always ask at the hotel front desk how much it should cost to get a taxi to someplace.

  18. Thanks for sharing. really helps.

  19. Master Joey says:

    you pretty much nailed it. great tips!

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