[( Trey Smith Enoch: Prophecy of Isis, World War 3, Antichrist, End Times and Armeggedon Trey )]




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  1. Loagun says:

    if someone truly believed that Russia would be destroying the USA 7 months from now in January of 2017, why in the name of God would they be selling for a profit 'end of days' courses (with a money back garuantee that will expire before Jan 2017)? Does it not say somewhere in the Bible something about money being the root of all evil? coveting after… why yes it does so this man will be going to hell i suppose for profiting off of prophecy. big no no :))

    plus completely missing is the asteroid. what happened to the 'Star of Bethlehem'? the destroyer? wormwood? this is a big piece to miss.

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