Triangular UFO Over Kassel, Germany


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  1. kini5000 says:

    It's an rc drone. Just look how it moved..

  2. Illuminati confirmed ???????

  3. Lokio Brolis says:

    IOf Sean see a breath of seeming organisation in this… My offer could be another thinking's dirrection. Yeah… An owner of this UFO may do not need any "aliens emabasy"…

  4. It's the illuminati fuck you assshole

  5. That's the illuminati sign

  6. Mr Picatrix says:

    hättest wenigstens ein paar bunte lichter anbringen können, fauler noob lol
    ich kann es besser!
    You should have attached a few colorful lights at least. lazy noob.
    i can do it better!

  7. koreanphood says:

    It's a flying Dorito!

  8. Jon Browne says:

    clips over the tree for a little

  9. Miro .B says:

    well THIS isnt fake or anything

  10. Saw two flying together EXACTLY like this in Virginia Beach, VA

  11. Iluminati are having their holidays

  12. Illuminati confirmed!!!!!

  13. Reto 86 says:

    Ich habe mit meinem Samsung Natel für etwa 20 sekunden etwas seltsames am Himmel gefilmt. Ich weis bis heute nicht was es genau ist. Schaut doch mal bei: Reto 86
    Und schreibt mir bitte was es sein könnte.
    Herzlichen Dank

  14. cropotop says:

    Oh my God , he is so excited 

  15. Sully says:

    This is the worst fake ufo video I have ever seen…so many mistakes by the hoaxer

  16. BIGeSTRING says:

    If its real, it would on the news on every channel all over the world. That means, FAKE

  17. Adobe After Effects.  🙂

  18. Fake. This channel is run by a giant douchebag. I hope they close this channel for being liars

  19. Praamsaga says:

    A stabilized balloon! And I was hoping he really had something!

  20. MRZsiir says:

    Fake.. Everybody would to run and record it, not just standing there until it disappears.. 

  21. Some people say that the triangle one is a human one

  22. EChan says:

    This is not a UFO. It is US TR-3B top secret covert airplane. Look it up! Many sighting throughout the world but for some reason more in Europe than US. This is legit as the TR-3B is real.

  23. wheelmanstan says:

    I like to just go by the reactions before having to dig any deeper when it comes to these types of videos. It seems fake because he never zooms in on it (most would) and ends the video before attempting to film it once it pokes back out from behind the tree, fake videos always are conveniently cut short

  24. Bill Page says:

    Very good footage of a top secret USAF TR3B flying triangle

  25. Hot Burat says:

    Search for 'triangle ufo germany' and you will see that there are other people video taped this ufo. Seems legit

  26. Gian Barrass says:

    More fake than "third phase of moon"

  27. Mr Chipz says:

    fake. And not even a very good one.

  28. Watch "craft" as it emerges from "behind" pipe. The last frame before it's in the clear shows the triangle corner in front of the pipe.

  29. Jinzo Core says:

    are you fucking kidding me O.o!
    this was faked using paint or whut !!  -.-

  30. lmao fake as shit. there are real vids of these out tho…tesla was all about this shit, and so were the nazis in the 20s

  31. Tariq Gibson says:

    Nice after effects editing skills you got there 😉

  32. agile1111 says:

    Debunked.     /watch?v=GlReMxztAzM

  33. FractalBoy says:

    This is really fucking fake but UFO believers will eat this shit up.

  34. FAKE !!!  The camera does not follow the object at all….  In fact it's so very strange how the frame is soooo very still. The reason fro this was to make the overlay of the object easier. Also the pole that the supposed object passed in front of was used so the animated object would have a "jitter" reference.    Nice try but quite fake.

  35. es mas falso que tu bieja imbecil,no mientas a la gente

  36. If it was real and not CGI the cameraman would have followed it, not just look up at one point and let it drift off out of sight.

  37. I watched this same UFO back in 1995 flying over Mexico City, same speed, same shape, same height

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