Tribute to The Arrivals



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  1. Achernahr says:

    thanks freedom! really well made bro!

  2. wow nice vedio 🙂

  3. Where do you stand on the new world order? Are you just another christians fighting the innevitable?

  4. iloveGaia72 says:

    Word Gangsta:)…Excellant tribute mix "Yo,the sun dont shine foreva"…yay Biggie Claaaaaasic good one & thx for being such a positive motivating force on this Earth…shine on Rainbow;) Mad Love oxoxoxo

  5. bilalx786 says:

    thanks Noreaga and Achernahr.

  6. noreagaaa says:

    This is a classic and powerful tribute freedom. Much respect

  7. RQN1N says:

    Nice audio and images editing ^^

  8. the choice of music is (!)

  9. 12imams says:

    love it.. good on you… i cant wait to do mine when i get a chance 🙂

  10. MashALLAH!! Nicely done!
    I m a fan of Sheikh Imran Hosein!

  11. If you have to make a film about the Antichrist fine. But you should not be using the Holy Qu'ran in this way :/

    especially not with music and alongside other stuff.

    Remember that the Holy Qu'ran is the Literal word of Allah [God] and should be taken seriously, and not just be used in any conspiracy docu series or film like you are doing here Noreagaa

    I am concerned you are disrespecting the Qu'ran and as a Muslim, I would have expected a lot more caution from you in the making of this series

  12. SallamAllikum
    You see sir, whenever the Quran is recited by someone through the videos(The Arrivals), the music is stopped and the time is given for the reciter to complete. But when the translation of the Quran is being read by the translator, then the music is on. I do not know if its OK, since it's just the translation or not, but for me, I see it OK when the translation is being read, not when the real Arabic Quran words are being recited-which hasn't been done, or so that I have not seen of

  13. rgrft says:

    @noreagaaa much respect to you to sir

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