Trill Sammy explains how he became an overnight sensation


Houston rapper “Trill Sammy” the over night internet sensation speaks on taking his rap career to the next level & he explains how everything happened! follow …


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  1. Alex Acosta says:

    Overnight success comes from one person. ?

  2. Juan Ramirez says:

    THIS NIGGA 17???!

  3. YUNG WILL says:

    this nigga lookin like Ralph from ed edd and eddy

  4. How can you be a sensation, if you are straight trash?

  5. lightskins are still better than niggers

  6. ppl can do whatever they put there mind too Trill sammy isn't that bad neither is Dice i like most of there music

  7. "Your FEMALE fan base is about, 80% females" whats the other 20% of his FEMALE fanbase???? lol

  8. Trill Sammy is an example that any label will just sign anything nowadays. His music is uneeded bullshit folk.

  9. dude looks like Kap G with a jarret curl

  10. is that kid Blaxican ?

  11. ItsHolo says:

    this nigga is turnt and likes to have fun that's y I few him

  12. cuban lit says:

    then why yall watching videos about his success ? ?

  13. Kyla Cotto says:

    sammy is sooo fineee?????

  14. Rude Boy says:

    peep my new music vid or you're a hater bruh?????????????

  15. 4:44 lol yea man! the love is good! ride wit it!

  16. Godwashere09 says:

    irrelevant in 1 year i guarantee it

  17. Im doing the same thing

  18. he's sexyyyy but he needa stop using bitch… it's just really disrespectful and its making me lose respect for him…

  19. I like win u said I did not come over here for nothing bitch we is fucking

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