True World | Flat Earth Documentary – 2016


Researching the flat earth for the past year has been a guilty pleasure that I never wanted to admit, but I can’t keep it in any longer. I am prepared to be ridiculed …


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  1. OMG…. a part of me want to believe that this may be true, but i know for sure its bullshit!!
    i got absolutely no problem with what people believe even if its wrong but when they take that believe and plant its on others that is wrong!

  2. oscar britos says:

    sorry nasa my eyes d*ont lie

  3. Edigar Mafi says:

    i am completely blown away of the amount of stupidity one must possess to conjure up such a fuckin idiotic idea. And MORE blown away that a huge amount of fuckin dimwits believe this shit. Its all fuckin bollocks!!!!..bollock i tell you…….."BOLLOCKS"…

  4. Ray Rey says:

    dipshit bob brought me here and this shit is unbelievable, video was made by a stubborn mf that needs to move to space a stay there with the rest of the dumb mf who believes this stupid shit .

  5. 334miked says:

    Breathlessly unspeakable, dangerous stupidity. I'm at a complete loss and want to pretend i didn't watch eight minutes of this video. Please, please, for the love of humanity, society, civilization, logic, and rational thought, stop with this unbelievably baffling poison to the collective intelligence. This video scares me more than ISIS.

  6. 1da Deag says:


  7. 1da Deag says:

    also why the FUCK would someone say the world is round if it isnt. HOW WOULD THEY GAIN FROM THIS.

  8. etrinko says:

    Y'all muh fuckers need science

  9. martolfc says:

    people have travelled around earth tho fact

  10. there are no pictures. yes there are! lots!

  11. banu2501 says:

    why are there different climates around the world ?if it is flat, wouldn't it be the same everywhere?

  12. Real Scientific Method.
    Observation – Question – Hypothesis – Experiment – Analyze data – Conclusion

    Flat Earth Scientific Method.
    Hypothesis – Conclusion.

  13. Jay Lewis says:

    you know you can fly from Alaska to Russia, right? or literally around the whole earth… like people can literally fly. if the earth was flat, we would have, yea know, seen where the "end" is. And we cant go to Antarctica because we would die? Like, its cold? Also if we DO believe the earth is flat, literally everything about physics is wrong? Also any real scientist who, not just studies, but does test and field work, would disprove so many things here. There has been hundreds of years of work, theorems, and math to prove that the earth is round, and you counter that with "But if you stand far away, it still looks flat!" uh? becuase we are fucking tiny and the earth is huge? Fuck i hate that this is trending now.

  14. Robert Bilic says:

    How does a fly in a car can keep the car's speed????

  15. Mike Mcshane says:

    fun idea. crap. but fun. it's best to take these conspiracy videos for what they really are… entertainment. people getting worked up need to calm down.

  16. alexvenegas says:

    This is the most frustrating and ignorant video I have ever seen.

  17. Hey, poster of the video. You add me on facebook and ask me what is the time and at what position is the sun, and ask me if it is day or night, since you're in USA and I am in Europe. Acording to your theory when you message me we should both experience DAY. If that happens, I will bow to your theory. If that doesn't happen, shove this video up your arse.

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