Trump administration to take tougher approach on illegal immigrants


트럼프 정부 ‘반이민 명령 2탄 발표’, 단속.추방 확대
Over in the United States, President Donald Trump is directing officials to deport people in the country illegally, whether or not they’ve committed serious crimes.
His administration issued new guidelines that could affect most of the nearly 11-million illegal immigrants in the nation.
Lee Unshin sheds light on how Trump’s taking a tougher approach to enforcing the country’s immigration laws,
The Department of Homeland Security released new guidelines on Tuesday, which consider almost all illegal immigrants in the United States as being subject to detention or deportation.

“The president is empowering DHS to carry out the immigration laws currently on the books.”

The new guidelines target not just those convicted of serious crimes but also undocumented immigrants arrested for traffic violations.
However, protections for those who entered the U.S. illegally as children will be left in place, at least for now.

“DACA is a very, very difficult subject for me. I will tell you.”

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, known as DACA, is a program launched under the Obama administration in 2012.
It seeks to protect undocumented immigrants who entered the nation as children, known as “dreamers.”

“They were brought here in such a way. We’re going to deal with DACA with heart.”

The department has been directed to beef up its force of immigration agents by hiring 10-thousand more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and 5-thousand more Customs and Border Protection agents.
The new guidelines are expansion of two executive orders Trump signed last month — one to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border… and the other to strip federal grant funds from cities that shield illegal immigrants from deportation.
The announcement drew a mixed reaction from people across the country.
There were those who favored Trump’s tough approach to the issue…

“This is a country of laws and in order to have laws you have to have people that follow them. So if people who come in, come in breaking the law, then how can we have a civil society?”

Others expressed support for the undocumented, most notably on the Day Without Immigrants protest event held last Thursday organized to highlight immigrants’ contributions.

“My friends are immigrants. I think they are not only important to the productivity of this country, but important to the heart and soul of this country … and I will fight with them.”

Lee Unshin, Arirang News.

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  1. hank h says:

    [email protected]#k the illegal immigrants! They should all be deported and those jobs could go to the US citizens and legal immigrants!

  2. Sean James says:

    Hell yeah Trump! Deport all of those nasty illegal alien Mexican cock
    roaches!!! Mexican illegal aliens are pieces of dog shit!

  3. Austin Vigil says:

    YAY get these undocumented illegal aliens out of here , now you have to come back and pay taxes you lazy bastards

  4. Morning Star says:

    That female at the end is a ignorant fool. missed the point entirely.

  5. Rhapsodise says:

    I agree. What were the parents thinking. They entered the country illegally without considering the implications of their actions. Now, as a result, they're abandoning their own children. Irresponsible.

  6. Alex Leaud says:

    2:04 Wait… he's Mexican? Really? Haha

  7. John Marino says:

    About time we start kicking more people out and allowing less in, we need to eliminate all the fake illegal alien voting going on.

  8. Dan M says:

    Sad that many children are not going to be with their own parents. God knows this is wrong and inhumane

  9. Dusty Harman says:

    Trump thinks he is above the law, notice how all potus candidates have to show their tax returns and etc ? Trump has done neither..Trump is evil to the max indeed…Trump is laughing in republicans and his supporters faces haha!! lmao..

  10. screw that word undocumented call it by its real name illegals, no more if I went to their country and ask to live there they tell me go fuck myself. BUILD THAT WALL OR WE WILL CLEAN THEM OUR WAY.

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