Trump: New immigration order will be tailored


President Donald Trump comments on his coming immigration order and the future of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a law passed during the Obama administration allowing certain illegal immigrants who are minors to stay in the US.


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  1. My Friends says:

    Trump Trump Trump ??

  2. Trump, "We are going to show great heart" – which means "DACA student will be going back to their parent(s) in their home country to keep their family together". Now that is great heart.

  3. D H says:

    Bye bye DACA & Anchor Babies. … People that have been here for years… are going bye bye!!! Go live in Mexico where you belong!!!

  4. Alex Auro says:


  5. Ken Smith says:

    Trump will have to use some good lawyers to make any order like the one he did actually be legal. He will also have to keep his mouth shut and order others to do so too. The intended purpose of a rule can be argued based on the statements of the rule's authors. If he allows folks to again say it is a muslim ban, the courts will have that as grounds to strike it down. If he leaves the list as it is, he still has the problem that it looks like self dealing was involved in some of the ones he left off the list.

  6. Isaac Gazmen says:


  7. Probably the best thing would be for all immigrants to wear some sort of easily identifiable symbol on their clothes, then maybe in a year or two start rounding them up and concentrating them all together in some sort of camps. I don't know if that will be the final solution but I'm sure Fuhrer Trump will think of something to do with them.

  8. WEAKKNEED says:

    Trump is a fool. His mind is scrambled and he can't articulate a coherent thought.

  9. Kiza Kizic says:

    Fake and gay news!

  10. tableshaper says:


  11. khasok82 says:

    lmao they let a rich guy become a president that has nothing to do with politics all his life what a joke!!

  12. if this is such a fake news why are all these haters are coming to watch CNN . go back to your racist Fox news that might be more to your liking

  13. Charles Kushner is the father of trump's son in law a convicted fellon…
    In the summer of 2004, Kushner was fined $508,900 by the Federal Election Commission for contributing to political campaigns in the names of his partnerships when he lacked authorization to do so.[7] In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey,[8] U.S. Attorney Chris Christie negotiated a plea agreement with Kushner, under which Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.[9] The witness-tampering charge arose from Kushner's act of retaliation against William Schulder, husband of his sister Esther, who was cooperating with federal investigators; Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, arranged for an encounter between the two to be secretly recorded, and had the tape sent to his sister.[10][11][12][13] Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison[10] and served 14 months at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery in Alabama[14][15] before being sent to a halfway house in Newark, New Jersey to complete his sentence.[14][15][16] He was released from prison on August 25, 2006.[17]

    As a result of his convictions, Kushner was disbarred from the practice of law in New Jersey,[18] New York,[19] and Pennsylvania.[20]

  14. Mikey L says:

    cnn. fakest news since they said global warming. hints why california is over flowing with water

  15. Mr. Hershy says:

    Fake NEWS!! CNN Clinton news network. CNN is FAKE NEWS

  16. james hunt says:

    he's just trying to get round the law should be rejected

  17. Happy Larry says:

    I just had a CNN fake news story out my Donald Trump.Fucking stinks.

  18. Hayethoven - says:

    Poor leftys throwing there dummys out the pram again lol

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