Trumpet 6 World War 3 Jerusalem Conquered Armageddon News


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  1. Fabi Moon says:

    JUAN :8:32 y conoceréis la verdad, y la verdad os hará libres.

  2. Kent Paul says:

    Jerusalem will be conquered by Turkey according to the Book of Truth

  3. RichireX says:

    Guys, the prayer of repentance does not save. You are saved by grace through faith. This prayer was basically just an outline or a prayer to say to God if you can't think of one. When you say this prayer, mean it and believe in Jesus to save you. Amen. Hallelujah! :)

  4. So u state that ww3 eventually starts after egypt and israel? where is now???

  5. Yoda Dundar says:

    If this happens, I sure hope Israel lobs One huge bomb into the Dome before they fall

  6. Trumpet 6 World War 3 Jerusalem Conquered Armageddon News

  7. TheMMSpirit says:

    Good video, however the "200 million man army" could be post millennium.   The bible is unclear.  Ezekiel 38/39 war – Satan is referred to as "gog" post millennium, thus that war could be post millennium.

  8. Malaki Jones says:

    I do not wish to be raptured, the Lord almighty will need boots on the ground to spread his word,shelter and protect the weak. With the Lord on my side, I am strong

  9. RichireX says:

    The prayer doesn't save. Gods grace through your faith saves, if we trust in Christ and have faith. This prayer is just an outline or something to say if you dont know what to say, but trust in God. Thank you. Come to Jesus guys. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah. Amen and Shalom 🙂 

  10. Monkey You says:


  11. today i feel like ive been left behind i do not want to left behind please tell me when the lord will judge time date year min second? i scared jesus save me please

  12. My jaw dropped when it showed the tanks compared to the verses. Now it makes logical sense.

  13. P Sander says:

    I wonder what kind if money chareletons make these days. Must be a lot. It's rampant.

  14. AMIN WAHYUDI says:

    Jerusalem might be conquered by antichrist for a very limited of time but Israel will be saved by the L-rd.

  15. Joel Hacker says:

    the 144000 are the soldiers brother

  16. mada smsm says:

    who give to israel the right to be at this land in the first place and what kind of god you talking about who protect the aggressor and punish who have right. if you do not need the war like us you must give the palestinians them right and lands and we will all have a peace . you seek to war and we love peace but we will do what is necessary to protect our land and retrieval what was taken from us

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