Trump’s Speech to the New World Order!


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  1. He is on point, the trouble is: he just recites his autobiography.

  2. Trump is NOT a true Christian. He is part of the NWO group! Do your research.

  3. i must be high. i just read most of this bullshit and can only conclude that the majority of you are batshit crazy, can not fucking spell and are in dire need of professional help. get a life and smile once in awhile. religion and conspiracy, what a joke.

  4. dear God keep Trump safe amen

  5. Never heard a president speak like this before, straight Veritas!

  6. Judy Hammond says:

    The ad for the G2 urban carry ad causes me to feel so sad that we even need to go there, but this world is going crazy, so to protect our families, what else can we do? Thanks for the ad.

  7. J. Wells says:

    Protect this man

  8. Anyone who upholds the notion this puppet is against the 'special interests' and the age old crown agenda are delusional wishful thinking dolts.

  9. Clint Flint says:

    Even after hearing this the dummies will say it was all hate speech

  10. Jenn B. says:

    Get em Donald!!! We get it… just do it! Wake up America!!!! MAGA!!!!!

  11. ALEX ISHII says:

    New World Disorder=Trump

    Hear contents of both links. Do not ever speak of World Peace
    and God while you speak of bombs, guns, bullets, nuclear war.
    The Brains has to communicate only on what it is to be human?

  13. We will fight to taken our freedom back for us and our Children. ..Fuck the NWO and God bless Trump

  14. akram gus says:

    i used to hate trump but now .. fuck ! i love this man ! everything make sens now .. this is why the media attacking him

  15. Sgt. Swag says:

    Greed is trying to destroy everything that is good in the world, we need soldiers like Trump to fight against it and give the powers and riches that the elite stole from the people…BACK to the people.

  16. Stan Lee says:

    Fuck the Next news Network. Them some slimy ass bitches.

  17. This is the only reason why I like this mother fucker…



  20. Animantra says:

    Oh wow! This dude just got my respect, and I am an Anarchist.

  21. Why the church organ in the background?

  22. somehow those people will stand before the creator and will have to explain their selfishness and all they have done to make their lifestyle more powerful and rich. note that I'm not talking about a religious creator. I'm talking about a creator who made this planet . holy shit Trump congrats on your bravery!!! and wish you luck with everything and be safe, keep true to the words and people (:

  23. AIKsupporter says:

    the speech that got Trump elected

  24. misool says:

    This speech will go into the history books like other famous speeches by American presidents.

  25. President trump is a very brave man. He is speaking the truth. God bless Donald Trump, his family and God bless america.

  26. KillShot says:

    Trump isn't that bad I guess we can only hope and pray that he will be a good president

  27. MegaLensman says:

    Globalization will be whiped out during Trump!

  28. Seble Negash says:

    Trump himself is a crisis actor, one of new world order agent. It's a trap. Travel and many types of bans, walls construction and many other executive orders along with upcoming wars on other states can be the road to worldwide choas through massive conflicts, polarization and finacial manipulation. After Trump's years of administration end, a new popular leader with a new UN mandate will arive to the scene. in the name of fixing problems, to bring peace and lift boarders. Welcome to boarderless new world order.

  29. Strelok 762 says:

    It's ALL a stage. There are no heroes. They are ALL satanic Freemasons.
    Trump/Hillary both work for the Masonic cult and are comrades behind the
    scenes. Votes do NOT count. The world leaders are NOT enemies,They are
    actors playing their role and ALL working together. ALL the world
    leaders,The kings of the earth are satanic Masons ALL playing their
    acted roles to bring in the New World Order for their master satan. The
    Bible foretold all of this,The only place you will find truth is in the
    Bible in Gods word and the only hero is Jesus Christ.

  30. starlogic99 says:

    this is confusing me why did they even have Donald elected if hes against the agenda if they have so much power

  31. Nawbeh says:

    one of the greatest speeches….yeap

  32. omensic says:

    God bless you Trump. You have to fight fire with fire! To all Americans, the U.S.A. is a republic not a democracy, a democracy is synonymous with a dictatorship.

  33. yumcha says:

    The zionest jew controls America. We as a country must come to terms with this and act now to remove them. Once and for all!

  34. Frogsus says:

    Preach it trump?

  35. we are all doomed to society.. revert over to our saviour, or follow with them. regardless if he's "speaking the truth", it's all part of the script. if you can't see all the 6s tht he's throwing up, you are still sleeping my friend.. WAKE UP NOW or you will forever be programmed by them. just watching him gives me the shivers… god bless and may he be with you.

  36. Omg, the best president of Usa ever. Greetings and peace from România. Fuck the jewish NWO!!

  37. Listen to it twice. Is sounds exactly like one of those post-humous legacy speeches that live in infamy.

    I counted that he flashed the "OK" hand gesture 32 times. Every time he mentioned "The Establishment" that has infiltrated media, American and world politics. The bad guys. The one's he is putting himself at risk of by exposing them. Showing us the way in case his inauguration today does not go well. Even Kanye saw the gravity of it all. A chance to wake up the world.

    I fear they assassinate him today…even writing it I fear I manifest this destiny so I won't even say attempt I will write that IT WON'T HAPPEN AND CANCEL OUT ANY OF THESE INTENTIONS>>>

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