TRUTH About RIO OLYMPICS 2016 – Genetic Culling of the New World Order #Doping #Rio2016


What is the #Truth about the #Rio2016 Olympic games? Beyond the “#Illuminati Symbolism” of the opening ceremonies, the Olympics are backed up by a real …


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  1. Wow…. that was really interesting. Thanks for sharing all that info. A DNA database is just about the creepiest thing I've ever heard.

  2. Krazy Uncle says:

    I know you are only 5' 7" in height, but that doesn't mean the guys you swam with used peds or "genetic culling" to increase their size to become world class athletes. It was just in their genes to be taller than you.

  3. Check out the New York Yankee outfielder Aaron Judge. He is 6'7.5" and he looks like a nephilim giant but he's a christian. Very interesting.

  4. TwinMama 85 says:

    I live near that Aurora pillar and the theater

  5. JaJa M.C. says:

    Awesome video/expose, thank you!

  6. Interesting perspective! Thanks !

  7. nice video…you got a new subscriber :)

  8. WTF does any of this have to do with anything? ? I can't listen to all of this. Your swimming has nothing to do with the world issues. GEEZZZZ

  9. Ganz you are the best truther on youtube.

  10. Many stories about athletes in Olympic Village and their illicit drug use, fornication, and other sinful habits appeared in the media these past weeks. Even Phelps and his marijuana use. Prior to that, the Paralympics glorified humans with prosthetics and very technologically advanced artificial limbs. So, these athletes can be role models and the increasing association of their successful performance with their use of pharmakeia and bio-enhancement is the strongest propaganda for transhumanism and drug use outside of Hollywood.

  11. Lori Rogers says:

    They won't have to Dope in a few years with trans humanism a simple Chip will do it.. That and some MK ULTRA mind control… A WINNING combination!!! LOL

  12. Just LouLou says:

    Very interesting video.

  13. R says:

    I never thought of these connections you made….??
    Oh and how cool that you were a world class swimmer!! Pretty cool Gonz ?

  14. .MP3 says:

    i dont see the problem with speeding up evolution as long as it isnt tested unethically

  15. RIO Olympics god watching sun is symbol of jesus illuminate sun…

  16. Dennis S says:


  17. That why I won't watch it

  18. carpejkdiem says:

    God Bless you brother!

  19. Interesting stuff Gonz! Thanks!

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