Turkey and Russia: The billion dollar handshake – Counting the Cost


When Turkey shot down a Russian military jet last November, business ties between the two countries hit rocky terrain, with Russia slapping trade sanctions on …


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  1. sai kur says:

    USA is going down.

  2. 1140Cecile says:

    Erdogan's fake coup was a good way to shore up nationalism in the country as well as getting rid of those opposing his bid to become president for life but it harmed Turkey's reputation as a stable country in which to invest. Erdogan has to let world leaders and large investors know that there was never any danger of an actual coup and that Turkey will be a very stable country going forward as he consolidates his own power with the now huge support of the Turkish people.

  3. The IMF now has Egypt in a tighter death grip. The IMF gives billions to a country, the majority of the funds go to the top politicians and operatives and the poor and average citizen of Egypt is now on the hook to pay back those funds with interest.

    When the payments that have been robbed by those on top fall behind, the IMF demands 'AUSTERITY MEASURES' which means the poor and middle class of Egypt will have to do with less services, less food, less housing, less clothing and many more hours worked per week.


  4. huss1205 says:

    No ethics, Erdogan is a man with no ethics, his party is a Muslim brotherhood party, yet, prostitution is legal and governed by laws, Alcohol, they drink it everywhere, gambling, naked women and everything, what exactly is this? I thought Islam is against all this. He built a presidential palace and receives guests like a Sultan, a dictator and narcissist is growing up and I hope that Russia puts clear demands on Erdogan, ISIS's father, that he has to close borders and stop the delivery of men, money and weapons to terror groups in Syria. Anyway, who digs a hole for his brother, will fall in it, as they say, it's a matter of when and only Allah knows when, but it is coming…

  5. Atif Fahim says:

    Turkey pakistan china Russia relationship zindabad

  6. Bulgaria B.G says:

    Putin is very smart man?☝? CIA is looser again??????

  7. Kin says:

    Turkish Jews…

  8. Tolga Boss says:


  9. it's a good time to make an investment in Turkey

  10. That one guy says:

    Turkey is still on the side of Ukraine on the war in Donbass. And Turkey is on the side of Azerbaijan in the Nagarno-Karabakh war.

  11. BCT says:

    A pair of evil liers both backed by a nation of fools.

  12. Dr. FEZ says:

    BCT;You can't do sh8t.

  13. turkey is a great nation,,

  14. Hamza Zaman says:

    I smell the US burning

  15. For Turkey to embrace Russia, economic reasons are important for both countries.  However the most important reason is that Turkey now knows who is its friend: it is Russia.  US engineered the coup and if it wasn't Russia passing on information to Erdogan about the coup, he is perhaps no longer alive today.

  16. Vis Kag says:

    In Russian media I heard that the Russian secret agencies gave information to the Turkish secret agency MIT hour before the coup started.

  17. Putins' reference to easing tensions following last years crisis is really good news. This is an opportunity for the Russian Gov't to demonstrate its intentions and relations with Turkey are sincere and supportive. Anything that serves to release the conflict and threat of war on this planet is to be celebrated.

  18. Djur2844 says:

    Russia – Turkey agreement? … I hope Russia makes the right move as a Scandinavian viking

  19. Putin has won the chess game, America deservedly lost a very important ally.

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