Turkey Breaks From NATO to Start World War 3


World War 3 begins with Turkey leading coalition from Ezekiel 38.


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  1. sgdeluxedoc says:

    So few have gotten it right..I've repeatedly been exclaiming "watch Turkey" but for most others Turkey was nothing but an afterthought.
    Frankly speaking, Turkey had no business being in NATO anyways, as their political objectives have always been diametrically opposed to the NATO countries..(or so it appears.. Who knows what NATO's real objectives were, after all). Of course they're in NATO because of shipping and the old adage "…keep your enemies closer"
    Good call realizing that Meshech and Tubal are solidly inside Turkey's borders.
    But here's the thing that just utterly confounds me. Bringing up "I Pet Goat" is a perceptive call because yup, it really does predict everything amazingly well. What gets me, is this is several years old now.. made long before any of these events occurred. What I'm seriously wondering is how in the dickens did the creators know, to predict with such stunning accuracy ?
    I'll be watching… Although I don't want to waste the time granted me on earth, I'm in one of the first places to get hit, so I can only hope The Lord Yahweh will have compassion to bring me home. I sure have a lot of new questions for Jesus when I arrive…

  2. I'll give a thumbs up to this one.

  3. DemonToss says:

    What a Joke! :D

  4. DemonToss says:

    Next time they should use all army power!

  5. Turkey Breaks From NATO to Start World War 3
    Erdogan is a vises yiyen criminal morda, he and his family enjoy to steal oil from Syria and Iraq and killing Quirks people. He distroin Europe to making many wit alleges migraine. He is a scam of the Earth. He is a criminal and US sporting him and tis Caimeis. Killing the Russian pilot have no respect for international low. Greek people the knowing how very well. Greek people the are very kilos to Russia. US using the stout criminal. Russia China Iran and North Korai wetting for him and NATO to meek a mistake. i file sorry for the Europe's to be stupid to support US ant Turkey criminals Illuminati666 Rothschild Jews Criminals. The people of Turkey openly suppotin ISIS Turkish Dictator Erdogan. One day he mill answer for war crimes he committed ant US NATO Against Iraq Libya and Syria killing insane people and blem Sedan Kadafe and Syrian President. The world haw inafi wit US Criminal NATO.The world notes pis nat war.
    Michel Fountas

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