Turkey Invades Syria – It Has Begun – WW3


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  1. IanRM says:

    Mount is total fake.

  2. John Thomas says:

    Bull shit, turkey has not invaded Syria.

  3. byrysh says:

    OMFG lucifers temple? Seriously dude? God damn, you are a moron!


  5. Gary Z says:

    What makes you think that Michael Jackson was killed by a microwave satellite? I'm listening to you as a serious commentator and then you make a comment like this..

  6. nunya biznez says:

    I hope you are praying that this isn't ww3. I'm curious about how you will act when you find out that you have been doing Satan's will because you were too stupid to realize that you entire life is based upon jewish lies.

  7. Mohamed Alwy says:

    I'm confused, I saw other videos of yours and either you've got some amazing way of gathering info or you're just another crazy on youtube and I'm leaning more towards the second one

  8. Vlad Rosoi says:

    :))))))))))))))) this presentation…..

  9. dave brown says:

    they didn't invade! why do u post disinformation? show ur sources!

  10. Tera Tokomi says:

    You made up all this crap.

  11. Bill Holtom says:

    William – the Lord of all the worlds is Adi Da Samraj. And your interpretation of God as one who punishes is not correct. Adi Da was here in bodily human form in your lifetime and left a vast body of work and a revelation for you and everyone to understand the real process of realizing the divine. Check him out. That's all.

  12. This fuckwit is dumber than a wet paper bag of shite left out in the rain.

  13. Goko Cellos says:

    this son of bitch is a liar.. i am from turkey ..there is not any news about as he said .. we are busy to fuck kurdish terorists who joining over syrian to turkey..i mean wrong news liar..

  14. Your words are bullshit ! What are you trying to do ?… Oh yea, make money with the fear of the people

  15. calcmandan says:

    you had my interest until you started talking about lucifer. seriously?

  16. What's a good tuna salad recipe for an apocalyptic nuclear holocaust?

  17. Their shelling the farm field as to clear a path through the mine field,  what's a good war song when your driving in a convoy for 14 hours and urinating in a water bottle…..

  18. I think unless Turkey drives Russia out of Syria, they will not be able to realise their dreams in Syria. So I Suggest that Turkey make the first move and fight Russia.

  19. Ian Smith says:

    Why the hell YouTube decided to recommend this utter BS is beyond me but now I will block this Bullshit.

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