Turkey: Resort city of Antalya hit by triple rocket attacks


At least two rockets have hit the southern Turkish holiday resort region of Antalya as the country’s tourism industry experiences dramatic drop in tourist arrivals.


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  1. Cath Hall says:

    Was anyone killed?claim responibility?Watmongers at work again!

  2. Perhaps if they leave NATO the Russian tourists will return? how can they expect holiday makers to visit a country that acts like an enemy. Turkey now has to compete with Crimea and it will become harder when the Kerch bridge is completed

  3. al Ciada is coming for Turkey. and it's not Christmas yet

  4. Tru Knobull says:


  5. RoyalZGaming says:

    My friend is on holiday there

  6. NATO has fired 3 rockets on Yemen's radar stations. Sounds similar?
    They actually hit Turkey.

  7. pl con says:

    I was there a couple of months ago

  8. Turks and Arabs killed my ancestors and I have every right and reason to kill them NOW, what goes around comes around

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