Turning World War 1 Into a Game


In which I showcase a lineup of the weird & uncommon World War 1 games, organized into shooters, flyers and strategizers. NOTE: I remember Valiant Hearts!


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  1. Funnily enough, the board game medium offers a good selection of stellar WW1 titles, though off topic here. The Great War and Paths of Glory are good recommendations, providing an excellent insight into aspects of the WW1 experience; provided you're willing to sift through a rulebook prior to play. Whether or not the video game industry will reach into the untapped potential the setting offers, or if it's even a doable thing, we're yet to see. My guess is Paradox'll chuck in a polished WW1 sim akin to HoI after BF1 hits that might get the ball rolling…

  2. Potem1917 says:

    "the offensive of Verdoon" doesn't carry the same grandoor ='

  3. This was a great video

  4. what game was at 10:50?

  5. Grant Howse says:

    I imagine one could not make a great game from the First World War. As you touched upon George, the politics of this war all hinder upon trade agreements; it is only after the Second World War do we have such strong semantic association to Germany's armies with evil atrocities and segregation, and thus reflect it unfairly further into their past. However, I feel the main reason as to why one could not make a game for this unnecessary war was its historical place in modern warfare history. Yes, it could be argued that the moment of change in military tactics occurred after the Crimean War cavalry charge, yet the officers of WWI – who were mostly given position based upon their social hierarchy – actually used to signal a charge by blowing a whistle before men would exit the trenches into no-mans-land…
    Video games can have the profound effect of conveying the ugliness of real warfare; but there are no meanings, no messages, no entertainment in this war. There is only tragedy.

  6. "live to see the next day, because one day people will turn this horrible battle into a zombie video game"

  7. You killed CUMBIRD you bastard!

  8. don jon says:

    super bunnyhop missed it but commander: the great war is the best ww1 strategy game on the pc right now. strategic command ww1 is also pretty good. he's right though that if you really want ww1 strategy then board games are the way to go

  9. I still have battlefield 1942… and still play it

  10. Greener221 says:

    A WW1 Grand Strategy game about preventing WW2. That's actually pretty genius.

  11. MrKILLER1078 says:

    There's this one game call World War 1.

  12. ajbarry90 says:

    I really like the idea of a strategy game where you could have goals like you said "Preventing WW2." I love blowing shit up as much as the next guy, but the diplomacy and prevention can be just as interesting. Going by real life examples, keeping the peace is actually much harder, which is where the challenge and fun comes in. Also Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars is proof that there are plenty of players out there who aren't concerned with Michael Bay game play and enjoy the slower more strategy based play styles. Sadly that era of warfare (like WW1) is something a lot of developers think can't be made playable (unless in a strategy game like Total War).

  13. riv4lm4n says:

    lol verdune, you make a video, get footage, edit it, and can't even be bothered to type verdun in google to check that highly historical place pronunciation ?

  14. deannnkid says:

    Look at Victoria 2 if you want a ww1 grand strategy game

  15. Ver-duun, not Ver-doon

  16. theocan says:

    I think my only issue with Battlefield 1 is the complete lack of incentive to play with a bolt action. I'd be perfectly fine if it was turned into a one shot kill as a way of balancing out it's usefulness in the field. Watching the clips in which someone had a clear advantage, shot the enemy in the back, only for it not to kill and the reload animation taking long enough for the enemy to turn around and machine gun them down in less than a second, really removes any chance of me ever wanting to use a bolt action rifle in that game.

  17. Lymanity says:

    I've had a lot of fun with Rise of Flight, which is a newerish WW I flight sim.

  18. It's pronounced "VER-DONE" not "VER-DUNE."

  19. CodeRed001 says:

    Just my opinion but early 20th century fashion WAS cool. Modern day cars and fashion are pretty awful and the exceptions to that rule are often due to appropriating older concepts of style. Also spike helmets…

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