TV Networks Brace For Major Patriot Action Over Gov’t Crimes CoverUp

Deborah Dupre

The TV network scam involving covering up government crimes is about to blow, according to a high-profile organization that defends the Constitution in its statement released Monday.

After criticized for partial, lack of or false reporting on injustices that have sparked a wave of protests across the United States, starting Wednesday, major news outlets across the nation, whether they want to or not, will help expose America’s separate and unequal systems of justice, including CIA and NSA crimes.

TV Networks Brace For Major Patriot Action Over Gov’t Crimes CoverUp

Along with a coalition of organizations from across America, the Bill Of Rights Defense Committee is co-sponsoring a week of grassroots action from December 10 (Human Rights Day) to December 15 (Bill of Rights Day).

“We aim to highlight crimes by government intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA,” stated BORDC Executive Director Shahid Buttar in a written statement Monday.

It is becoming widely known that the corporate-government controls mainstream news outlets and even has embedded reporters in those agencies to ensure viewers see and hear only what Big Brother wants to be seen and heard so public opinion is swayed. Many, however, still don’t get it and seemingly, the pesky American propaganda problem just will not go away.

Fred Burks and others at Want To Know provide pages of riveting excerpts from revealing accounts of 20 award-winning journalists in the highly acclaimed book Into the Buzzsaw are essential reading for all who support democracy.

“These courageous writers were prevented by corporate ownership of the mass media from reporting major news stories,” says Burks “Some were even fired. They have won numerous awards, including several Emmys and a Pulitzer.”

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time” adage comes to mind as some of the nation’s most prestigious rights organizations make final plans for what TV networks will face Wednesday.

“This week is an incredibly important time,” said Buttar. “On the heels of an ongoing uprising sparked by police violence with impunity, tomorrow’s release of the Senate’s historic 6,000 page report on CIA torture is anticipated on the eve of Human Rights Day, Wednesday, December 10.”

Starting Wednesday, grassroots vigils at major news outlets will help expose the nation’s separate and unequal systems of justice.

“One relentlessly persecutes individuals targeted for trivial or even unconstitutional reasons,” Buttar stated. “The other turns a blind eye to corruption at intelligence agencies using our tax money to undermine our rights, lie to (or even spy on) elected officials, and evade democratic checks and balances.”

Vigils, protests, workshops, and other events will start nationwide on International Human Rights Day (December 10th) and conclude on Bill of Rights Day (December 15th).

Events are slated in:

– San Francisco, CA (12/15):
– Oakland, CA
– San Jose, CA (12/10):
– Berkeley, CA (12/6):
– Richmond, CA (12/8):
– Cleveland, OH
– Washington, DC… See More

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