TV News: THE ROAD TO World War 3 USA V CHINA Tension Mounts in Economic Scene (2016)


TV BREAKING NEWS! NWO WW3 ECONOMIC NEWS!! Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! THE INTERNET INFORMATION …


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  1. Arch Angel says:

    Children playing war in the sandpit- they are mindless of our views, yes you and I, the people of this world that are wanting it all to stop… why why why do the boys always want to posses what another has. We have no say anymore' just peasants outside the castle being thrown rotten fruit, being overtaxed and now subjected to posible war with other nations that we really dont know anything about. We as the voters are not informed enough about the real reasons for nations to fight. If we all could just get along and only use trade exchanges but stay within our own countrys and borders, it should not come to this…. God help us all…. there is such greed and evil in this world.

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