TV Newst: The NEW WORLD ORDER 2017 has begun!! USA is on the ILLUMINATI’s hands! (Pls share)


NEW WORLD ORDER exposed! Very important information!!
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  1. Ms. M says:

    The tower is sending out signals… for mind control… duh!

  2. The end is coming soon guys…..get ready for christ's return

  3. Barry Ross says:

    What was with the horrible sounds coming from the trade center, it sounds like people screaming in pain, I need to find out what that is now.

  4. SpaceManAus says:

    Mobile phones are now proven to give cancer, so what type of cancer are these devices going to give us then, and to turn yourself into and aerial would open you up to mind control.

    The world is growing dumber amazing.

  5. they are tunneling..most likely

  6. did you inform GWAR that you used one if their mascots as your covers photo lol

  7. Am I tripping, or you , as well can hear an subvoices , on all the clip when someone speaks? It sound like a machine-robotic add to the voices. It's really crazy, knowing that many ppl which meditate on God and talked to him , heard just the same roboric-machine voice, like from Kraftwerk songs. Bizare!

  8. Chas Ptrs. says:

    Only watched for 1.10 min., knowing what's to come. All explained in the book of Revelation. The USA is the beast out of the earth. Rev.13:11-17.  The beast with the little horn is the Vatican. Put them together + the ECC, and we'll have the end of the world. Dan.2:44-45, So what ? Do you want to stay on earth like it is ? It's being taken over by the children of the Devil. All religions have sold out "Christ and God's ten commdments".  BUT, He will have the last word, and that will be sooner than you think. Rev.22:12

  9. Missi Wolf says:

    The sound is the sound of a motor running . ( air conditioner , or some kind of fan )

  10. My father used to tell me "The fish starts to stink from the head down" now it's very clear to me what he meant….

  11. Kevin says:

    Are people really this ignorant to this world, to God, to the mark of the beast??? I simply cannot understand this woman with the tattoo and how ridiculously lost she is. Pray for your countries and governments to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and do this everyday please!

  12. developMENTAL? is this chick for real

  13. confusion and fear the best way to control the masses

  14. PitBullMouse says:

    I wish I had the money to build my family a straw hut…there is almost no way any frequencies can get through straw or earth.. but I would not like to live in the earth, only upon it …I wish for PEACE! In Jesus Name I Pray for our world!

  15. Don't take the Pill! It is Satan's Tool !

  16. slybrtndr1 says:


  17. …it's developMENTAL, for sure! (the tat)

  18. Doc Tyler says:

    it sure does repeat itself quite a bit, several items I have seen 3 times at least. how about just making it a little shorter next time and showing the only once.

  19. Why does Glenn Beck look so different now? Hmmmm

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