Twelve months of the HST ,hardstanding,and the new arrivals


The first twelve months of my HST ,bought in the year of the classes 40th anniversary. Model scenery kits ,hardstanding and low relief. Both are very easy to …


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  1. Rob McCrain says:

    What a lovely furry ball of fun Jacob is. I like the hard standing as you call it. Is it precut?

  2. Like your ball of fun ..happy days ahead plenty of walkies andy …great site for the scenery ..may have to have a go with some in the future ..dave

  3. WestBlythMPD says:

    Little Jacob is so cute.
    The low relief factory looks very effective indeed, the hardstanding will save a lot of work, I used plasticard for my engine shed floor which took ages to do and it is still not right!
    Another good video Andy keep 'em coming.

  4. The hard standing and low relief building look great on the layout Andy and really suit it – I have that sort of area to do yet so I shall remember this. The puppy looks fabulous mate, we have been thinking about getting a dog for about a year now and I'm sure that we will end up getting one later on this year sometime but it will be a much smaller dog than Jacob though. With me now retired and Hazel semi retired then this now seems an ideal time. ……….Graham

  5. Dunge Wood says:

    Nice video Andy, some great looking kits, were they easy to assemble?

  6. antman09ful1 says:

    It all looks good to me Andy, I know that your puppy Jacob is hard work at first but it does get better, its like having a baby. Regards Mike.

  7. davestrains says:

    great stuff Andy ! like the buildings and the hardstanding..AND Jacob!!    cheers     dave

  8. andybyrne50 says:

    Cheers Dave,these kits are very reasonably priced,and really easy to make. I think Jacob is going to have a fan club with all the videos I'll be posting lol …..Andy

  9. hi Andy the new kits have made a great improvement in the depot area. thanks for sharing…..regards Tony

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