Two New Arrivals


Quick video of the two latest additions to our stack… A 2015 Christmas Round & a 1960 Ben Franklin Half Dollar… Hope ya’ll enjoy! Like, comment, & subscribe if …


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  1. I was given the same Christmas piece as a Christmas gift from a friend that knows I stack silver, but mine came in a large sealed rectangle platic holder. Thanks for sharing your pick-ups.

  2. Cool round, its bye Provident I believe or Elemental. The Franklin is my favorite US silver coin. Check out my Da Frankies video! Preesh

  3. good coins to get..Gamma

  4. Love the Round our daughter gave us one for Christmas!? and Frankies rule !

  5. Nice additions to your stack

  6. SilverGoldUK says:

    The Christmas round is lovely

  7. SilverPicker says:

    Very nice pickups, thanks for sharing!

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