U.S. Bankers Are Stealing Saudi Gold and Anyone Eleses They Can Get Their Hands On


U.S. Bankers Are Stealing Saudi Gold and Anyone Eleses They Can Get Their Hands On

One of the most interesting and least publicized outcomes of the CIA… err Arab Spring fomented revolution in Libya two years ago was the fact that the Western banks stole 144 tons of gold from the Libyan central bank, exactly at a time when Venezuela was demanding back their gold reserves held in the Fed.  This demand for gold by central banks in the West, who have either sold off or leased not only their own gold, but the gold of foreign countries they held as a courtesy, is now causing the unthinkable to occur, a threatening of the end of the petro-dollar agreement with Saudi Arabia by way of stealing Saudi held gold in Western vaults.

U.S. Bankers Are Stealing Saudi Gold and Anyone Eleses They Can Get Their Hands On

Jim Willie:  The events in Syria have really broken the U.S./Saudi linkage.  And now a very interesting thing is happening, that’s going to come into the news, and I’m going to spill it.  The London bankers and the New York bankers together are stealing the Saudi gold.

Any gold owned by Saudi Arabia that is not inside Saudi Arabia is being stolen.  They use the word rehypothication.  All that means is that it’s in a Saudi gold account, and the London bankers are using it for their purposes and putting in I.O.U.’s.  They don’t call it theft because they replace it with an I.O.U..

So it’s like someone coming into your garage and stealing your Audi, or stealing your Ford, and leaving a little note there saying ‘we owe you $18500′ and come look for it later, cuz we needed your car. – Jim Willie, Feb. 7


Contrary to former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s response to Congress, and in particular, to Ron Paul that ‘gold is not money’, the fact of the matter is that gold is money, and to many nations, more valuable that their own printed fiat.  Over the past decade, China has been importing so much gold that it has now caused a crisis for mints and commodities exchanges such as the Comex where talks of rationing, and the potential for a fail to deliver default could occur as early as this month.  Additionally, major precious metals banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and even Deutsche Bank have distanced themselves from the gold markets, and are even selling their commodities desks as new investigations on price manipulation comes forth from the German Bafin.

The majority of American military interventions in recent years have been primarily used to attack any nation that threatens to remove its oil trade from the Petro-dollar, or to move away from U.S. hegemony.  The CIA and Al Qaeda led rebellions in Libya and Syria, and U.S. declarations of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been done under the auspices of terrorism but in reality they have been done to punish these nations as they move out from under the petro-dollar and seek more stable arrangements with emerging markets such as China and Russia.

America is at war on many fronts, and most are being fought with proxies in the Middle East and Africa to protect the last vestiges of a reserve currency.  And while former a Fed Chairmen can lie to Congress and the American people that our soldiers fight overseas for Democracy, the truth of the matter lies in the fact that America needs gold to save the dollar for a few more short years, and appear willing to throw their greatest partner under the bus to keep that party going.











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  1. stevor says:

    How do you STEAL tons of gold? Just maybe there’s a few soldiers around to guard it? Just maybe when the soldiers react to it, some others would join in before the forklifts were able to load it up?

    If anything is happening at all, this is more likely just some EXCUSE to manipulate one or another market (and that’s how the REAL STEALING is done)

  2. charlesallan says:

    Sir Walter Raleigh used to do this as well but did not leave the IOU’s

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