U.S. Pentagon’s Hypersonic Missiles Could Trigger World War 3 Nuclear Weapons


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  1. KTG Rj Mac says:


  2. john Tom says:

    I miss the old acid this new acid is weird

  3. MarginalSC says:

    You'd still have the same problems with these as conventional nukes. Detect a launch, trigger global nuclear war. They're just harder to stop.

    I think the fact that they're basically making a bigger radarproof drone that can hit a target anywhere in the world that's faster than countermeasures is a greater cause for concern. That kinda thing's ripe for abuse.

  4. My farts cam trigger ww3

  5. M. Rydosz says:

    this shit should happen it would be Good for humanity doesn't matter if you're a ''good'' person or ''evil'' ''Humanity'' sucks. lol fuckers aren't even HUMAN.

  6. RIP AcidGlow. This channel used to bomb now it needs to be bombed.

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