U.S. Provoking World War 3 With Russia?


Zero Doubt Zone’s host Dane Sorenson reviews current US/Russian tensions. US citizens distracted by the dirty politics of the election to notice…. · Russia has …


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  1. Cool Guy says:

    Emp will kill my Xbox 1,  this I can't stand for

  2. Brian Smith says:

    confirm- merkado on you  tube (BBC) oct 18/16 release says American naval ships sunk 200 American naval personel dead and hundreds missing. can you confirm if this is true

  3. Billy Greene says:

    Eli Lilly used to be a great drug company… Don't understand why Obama & Biden keep threatening Russia. They weren't that interested in the DNC.

  4. grant ross says:

    Russia has nothing. they can barely afford fuel and food for their military. its typical russian chestbeating. Like north korea and china. American military will destroy their missiles as they are leaving.

  5. Basically, they are attempting to set-up a situation where no matter what the outcome is, they can claim they won and act accordingly. If Trump wins, it was Russian election hacking. If Hillary wins, it couldn't have been a hacked election because election hacking is impossible. It's a balancing act. BOYCOTT FOXNEWS AND MEGYN KELLY

  6. grant ross says:

    Yep. Russia! Full of vodka drinking inbred delusional fruitbats! Believing everything vlad tells them. Meanwhile vlad skims off everyone and makes himself rich. The russian state is bankrupt. It cant even pay its military wages. They pay them cheap vodka and rotting potatoes

  7. Ekaterina N says:

    Great! So good to see some sense of intelligence in the wake of the upcoming 'elections' (I, personally, call it more as a theatre piece, which might have a very dramatic end). If you are interested in what, we, the Russians, think of it, take a look at my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vPhzw2BJUc

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