U.S. Scientist Patents Time Machine


The patent for a time machine has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by one Dr. Marvin B. Pohlman of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Who is Marvin B. Pohlman?

An American scientist, Marvin B. Pohlman is a man of many talentsand a very busy man.

According to his bio he’s the Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance product strategy for a major Bay area enterprise software company. Despite the demands of his career, he’s also managed to author three text books on IT governance and security. [Amazon – Oracle Identity Management: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Architecture, Third Edition]

In whatever spare time such a man has left, he found enough of it to invent a time machine.

By creating an artificial wormhole time travel is possible.

At first glance, such a thing might be too fantastic a notion to believe, yet Pohlman does hold a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, an MBA from Lexington Business School, and a PhD in computer science from Trinity University.

He’s also a member of Portland Mensa, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager and Certified Information Systems security professional.

Perhaps he invented the time machine because he discovered he hasn’t enough time to squeeze in everything he wants to accomplish?

A time traveler literally has all the time in the world

Regardless of why he invented it, he has.

From an abstract associated with the patent, Pohlman explains:

“The method employs sinusoidal oscillations of electrical bombardment on the surface of one Kerr type singularity in close proximity to a second Kerr type singularity in such a method to take advantage of the Lense-Thirring effect, to simulate the effect of two point masses on nearly radial orbits in a 2+1 dimensional anti-de Sitter space resulting in creation of circular timelike geodesics conforming to the van Stockum under the Van Den Broeck modification of the Alcubierre geometry (Van Den Broeck 1999) permitting topology change from one spacelike boundary to the other in accordance with Geroch’s theorem (Geroch 1967) resulting in a method for the formation of Godel-type geodesically complete spacetime envelopes complete with closed timelike curves.”

If you think this is all a big joke, take a look at the patent filing here. Scroll down and study the schematics and check out the math.

What you’re looking at may not last much longer in full public view. If the finished product works the U.S. military will grab it, wipe all references to it, and plunge it into another one of their deep, dark black projects.

As you can imagine, some familiar with the patent filing are skeptical.

Manipulating time and space for fun and profit

On a thread discussing Pohlman’s time machine, one poster named “thinking aloud” had this observation about those who flatly asserted that traveling through time would never be possible:

“Yes and they once said it was impossible to split the atom and create a single bomb that could hollow out an entire city. And we all know how that turned out.”

One thing everybody agrees with is the fact that whenever traveling through time is accomplished then time travel immediately exists throughout eternity.

Evidence for time travel may already exist. [See: Before It’s NewsTime Traveler’s Footprints Found]

In another time-related development, a Russian engineer claims he already has a working time machine built and tested. Although his machine is a Model T compared to Pohlman’s Ferrari (if it’s ever built). [See: Before It’s News,Scientist Builds Working Time Machine]

Pohlman and the ‘John Titor’ connection

Titor’s alleged time machine manufactured by GE

Some armchair Internet scientists have made a connection between Pohlman and an infamous personage namedJohn Titor.

Who is John Titor?

“John Titor is the pseudonym of a person who claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036. He appeared in Internet chatrooms and on message boards for a few months back in the winter of 2000 to 2001.” [John Titor – Time Traveler]

Titor amazed and entertained hundreds of physicists and IT experts. He asserted he came from the future to accomplish a mission in the past. On his way back he stopped off in 2000 for several months to visit with his young parents and younger self in Florida.

His younger version was only a toddler in 2000.

Time machine built by GE in 2034

He told the group on the Internet his time machine was built in 2034 by General Electric for the U.S. Army. He was one of an elite group of travelers and had been tasked to retrieve an obsolete part for an IBM mainframe computer—a part that only a handful of people in 2000 even knew IBM had once manufactured back in the 1970s.

Titor claimed his machine, a model C204 Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Unit (GDTDU), was powered by a mini-black hole made by CERN in Switzerland. It was kept suspended in a magnetic bottle.

Whenever he appeared on the newsgroups, techies and scientists bombarded him with questions.

He offered them insights into what was coming such as another Iraq war and an attack on New York City that would change the skyline.

They scoffed.

Later, when those things came to pass, the people who had challenged him—even mocked him—were amazed and a little frightened.

Laser light bending from black hole gravity field

Of particular interest to the questioners: much more information on the C204. Titor obliged them by posting some photos of it and demonstrated a pen laser beam bending from gravity waves emitted by the black hole power source. Although skeptical, many in the group were impressed by that.

Schematic: Titor’s GE C204 GDTDU machine

Color photo of the GE C204 unit on a bench in Florida house.

US Army-issued manual for the C204 GDTDU

Is Pohlman ‘John Titor,’ time traveler?

Those intimately familiar with the incredible story believe that Pohlman may be the mysterious John Titor. They claim some of the schematics appearing in the patent filing are the same as ones that appeared in the GE manufacturer’s manual that described the operation of the military-issued time machine that Titor claimed transported him from 2036 back to the 1970s and then forward to his parent’s Florida home in 2000.

In 2001 Titor announced the visit with his parents had come to an end. He was ready to return to the future and posted a farewell on the newsgroup.

After that post Titor was never heard from again.

Read story and background of John Titor here and here. Find some of his predictions about future events (his past)here.

See the official John Titor website here.

[For information on an alleged time anomaly that occurred in the Antarctic see Before It’s NewsDeadly Time Vortex Appears Over Antarctica.]

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  1. twist says:

    hahaha…this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. It’s marlin, not marvin. I’ve known him for almost 20 years, and can most definitely say he is NOT John Titor. He’s from Tulsa, ok, and I’ve known about him since he was about 25. He used to hang out in the goth scene, and is well known for his…um…imagination. Those other books he wrote? I helped him “find” those too, just like I helped him buy his Master’s and Dr’s degree…I rememer when he said he just copied all this off usenet and patened it like it is all his own. Par for the course, he very rarely has his own material

  2. James Bailey says:

    There is no such thing as time travel because there is no such thing as time.

  3. Where is the patent number and the model of machine? Really it smells scam from all angles, as more “Titors” I read as more it is stinky business. Advanced tec from the future does make sense only to avoid mass desastres and would not run the casino game of patents in the first place or ppl of the future are the same stupid like presence and past. Come on. Hoax is sick and cant be brilliant never no matter you try. The question of time travel is as old as the human learned dreaming and investigating, the moment we do the entire rational world will be changed in a second and thats what we need utmost urgent.
    The black hole theory is that convincing like all recent thoughts on quantum energy
    and a holo understanding of the universe started at the double slit experiment 100 years back already no matter what freshly woken up egos are trying to sell his ideas.
    Patents are following the desease of posession and financial advantages, just dont make us believe all scientists are greedy slaves like everybody, less those from a future. There is your personal black hole!

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