U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013


Mort Amsel

An inspiring video compilation of soldiers and others speaking out and exposing the lies of the powers that be.  This isnt radical stuff, this is common knowledge, its just not readily available to you because they dont want it to be but all you have to do is look because its right there for you to see and soak up.  This is why we need to keep the internet free.  The internet IS the people’s intelligence agency.  It is a tool against facism and tyranny.  -Mort

US SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013


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  1. Robert says:

    No sir,, it is quit the opposite, people like you are ignorant and asleep at the wheel of life and living in dumb dumb land lol! Now go back to sleep! 🙂

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Molon Labe!

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    Well said Close To The Edge:….. “Pray for wisdom and guidance,that Jesus wll hold us and keep us in these days. God Bless.” And we can empower the good by the square of the participants in Group Prayer.

    Group Prayer with feelings, also known as Meditation Effect, is growing into a valid response in the right-now world of global awareness and peacemaking.

    See how it changes the life you experience and the world around you.

    Relax, find your peaceful inner place; ask your higher-self to “invite” not “demand” the negative entities and aspects you see to depart and return to their source. Very importantly, offer them a feeling of love, thank them for the wisdom and knowledge you have gained from them, ask your higher-self to inform them it’s time to move on. 

    Let your higher-self be your ambassador not your ego-self. Just thank your ego and ask it to be quite while you seek help from your higher-self. Your ego respects your higher-self even if it may have a hard time keeping quiet.

    The influence of such a positive act is the square of its being. Scientific studies on line as “Meditation Effect” show as few as 3 people praying together positively in a population of 90,000 reduce crime, corruption, and undesired events. The power is there within you, when you use your higher-self as your ambassador with darkness. A group of only 900+-, the size of your church, can change the world we know.

    Notice the process is only reported to work in one direction: the positive direction in service-to-others.

    Population………Min. Group Size
    90,000 …………………. 3  My Town’s Size 
    250,000 ……………….. 5
    500,000 ……………….. 8
    1,000,000…………….. 10
    10,000,000…………… 32
    100,000,000………… 100
    8,000,000,000……….894  Earth’s Population +-

    • Saved by Grace says:

      Rich Buckley, your comment sounds like a blending of Christian and New Age religions with some psycho-babble whipped in and sprinkled with a little freemasonry and then topped with some ‘data-driven’ science so-called. It’s past time to begin looking for a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching church. I will pray for you to come to the Truth. …Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4:6

      • Rich Buckley says:

        Thank you. Everything seems to be a “blending” until the new emerges. Try this as an experiment, tell the ladies in your place of worship, that all ” inner focused, meditation, seeking enlightenment” will no longer be tolleratated. Use this New-Age-ie term “meditation” for effect.

        My guess is you will discover if “blending” is relevant in our lives or not.

  4. Matt says:

    First off, the Internet isn’t free?! Wtf? What ISP are u one?! And 2nd…this is stupid fear mongering bc a lot of people that buy into conspiracy theories are in someway or another mentally unstable.

    • Bruce says:

      Actually, “conspiracy theorists” are MORE stable and Intelligent then “deniers”. CT’s have questioning, probing, minds that are kept active and alert. “deniers” have sluggish, UNquestioning minds that are not exercised or alert.

    • Kepano24 says:

      Soooooooo I remember earlier this year when it was a c9nspiracy theory that the governe,nt was buying mass quantities of holo point ammo,NATO ammo, rifle amm9, ar15 ammo, shotgun ammo, They denied it, then they admitted it, soooo who the fool now dumbass

    • Mark says:

      Unstable? Matt, you sir, have no clue.

  5. close to the edge says:

    Here we are,Sept.24th.Just days away from a time our country has never seen and for all those who see behind the facade of this treasonist global tyranny so imbedded in all our lives and on the edge, telling us we must prepare for the worst by drills, like Boston,total lock-down as folks had their homes broken into by quasi-mlitary armed to the teeth with MRAPS searching for 1 kid,a terrorist,unless he was a patsy,cuz where did all these troops just happen to be there at just the right time with all the arms and support? Sounds like a plan was made well in advance and we were told by the Russians of these boys were to be watched closely. So, did the FBI and Co’ set ths up? The movment of military equipment all over our country,the Pres asking Russia for 16,000 troops who take no Oath as our Pres on down to the local police do will do the dirty work along side the traitors in our country. Like Bzsinski said “It’s easier to murder a million then to inprison them” this from the father of Mikki Bzazinski on Morning Joe.She is Daddy’s little girl and speaks to 1,000s of people every morning. Our troops are scattered all over the World and when asked if they would follow the orders to attack US citizens,detain and herd them into camps and murder them,they said absolutly not but would defend their country and people with their lives which the swore to in the Oath they took. As this Pres’ n Minions among others have chipped away at our Constitution,trashing rights endowed by our Creator and set in stone,defended by the blood of our countrymen,these traitors, from top down are clearly guilty so we need Reps’ and Sens’ with the balls to take the Oath again and bring justice and a new interm Pres and Administration solidly based upon the US Constitution,Declaration of Independence,Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law as the Republic we are.These next few weeks are going to try the hearts and minds, but also the fortitude to stand together in the face of evil that seeks to destroy all our freedoms and eliminate any who no longer hold signs.And they have the gaul to call these actions’ drills, to shutdown the grids and contain,detain.force all to comply or be buried in a FEMA casket that fits 8 when stacked right. Region 3, eastcoast is to be the focus but a month ago region 5 was the target before they took it down within hours.#5 runs from Wis-MI In,IL,Ohio. Will this be the beginning of the end or the resurgence of the greatest Country,blessed of God,to turn our hearts and minds back to the foundations our Country was formed upon? Before these traitors in office and ther leaders can move forward,prepare for the worst. They’re led by satan and his minions in their flesh.So we know what we are up again’st and his days are short. Pray for wisdom and guidance,that Jesus wll hold us and keep us in these days. God Bless

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