U.S. Tells Citizens to Leave Syria “Immediately”


Kurt Nimmo

Earlier today we reported that Arab states are set to impose a no fly zone over Syria with US logistical support, advancing the prospect of a military assault to take out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under a “humanitarian” pretext.

In Libya, a no-fly zone was established as a pretext prior to NATO’s bombing of the country and the arming and directing of al-Qaeda rebels who eventually overthrew and murdered Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.

In early October it was reported that a senior Syrian officer who had defected was the head of a newly formed Syrian Free Army – a force made up of defectors from the Syrian military – devoted to overthrowing the regime of Bashar al-Assad by military force in apparent connivance with his Turkish protectors, according to The Independent.

Now CBS and the AP are reporting that the U.S. embassy in Damascus has told its citizens to leave the country immediately. Turkey has also advised its citizens to leave.

“The U.S. Embassy continues to urge U.S. citizens in Syria to depart immediately while commercial transportation is available,” said a statement issued to the American community in Syria Wednesday and posted on the Embassy’s website. “The number of airlines serving Syria has decreased significantly since the summer, while many of those airlines remaining have reduced their number of flights.”

The State Department pulled the U.S. ambassador Robert Ford from the country in late October after it claimed his life was threatened. Ford was quietly sent back last week.

The call for U.S. and Turkish citizens to depart Syria immediately lends credence to speculation that the U.S. will orchestrate the removal of al-Bashar.

In April we speculated that the U.S. and the EU would eventually impose a no-fly zone on Syria in response to alleged human rights violations and this would be used as a cover to support the overthrow of al-Bashar.

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