U.S. Warns Russia Of “Reprisal Attacks” … Russia Foils Attempted “Reprisal Attacks”


In yet another “coincidence” that many would suggest is an example of the direct control over international terror networks by NATO and the U.S., only days after U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter warned Russia that it would see reprisal terror attacks within its borders as a result of the Russian intervention in Syria, Russian authorities have announced the disruption of a plot to conduct bombings of Russian railway systems by jihadist terrorists.

Warns Russia Of “Reprisal Attacks

Last Thursday, in a meeting with NATO Defense Ministers in Brussels, Carter stated that “They have initiated a joint ground offensive with the Syrian regime, shattering the facade that they are there to fight Isil [Isis]. This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightly fearful of attacks. In coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer from casualties.”

While many may have interpreted Carter’s words as referring to the Syrian battleground and the resistance the Russians may face there, others are convinced that Carter’s statement was much broader, perhaps referring to “reprisal attacks” on Russian soil.

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  1. GJS says:

    All this means is that the US passed on to Russia info acquired from their monitoring of chatter of known & suspected individual & group terrorists. It is certainly a joint wish of the West, Russia & China to break these international terrorist organisations.

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