UFO attacks Venezuela


UFO attacks Venezuela
Los Roques UFO attack
Conspiracy Concept Documentary 2014

There is a law in the US (less than title 14, Segment 1211 of the Code of Federal rules, implemented on July sixteen, 1969) which can make it illegal for US citizens to have any get hold of with the extraterrestrials or their vehicles.
Traveling Saucers from Outer Place was the to start with e-book to use the term “UFO”.
In accordance to some UFO aficionados, the Guys in Black (MIBs) definitely do exist, and have been hammering on the doors of alien witnesses at any time given that the to start with appearance of traveling saucers in 1947. Area51


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  1. I want to believe a gigantic UFO like this will actually show up in Venezuela and vaporize all chavistas, the damned pieces of shit.

  2. They must've gave everyone in the city a million dollars to keep their mouth shut.

  3. Niklas P says:

    Never seen a better ufo movie.. realy amaizt

  4. when does it happens fake dates

  5. pagal adding oh that's not scary

  6. Kaspurr 21 says:

    wait… if the lights arent working,then why is the TV still working

  7. Tarsem Sihra says:

    I have had nightmares about these mothership for the last many decades and sweated my whole bed, now that I have been watching them on the You Tube ???????????????? !!!

  8. it's funny how you don't see the UFO 's shadow.

  9. this is faker than a 4 dollar bill

  10. Mi Mawi says:

    yeah, its real after that 3 ??? came out and they asked where's toilet …and they say its fake …

  11. I don't know which part of this video you thought was real, but you be ashamed of your self it is all bullshit.

  12. the number one is so fakeeeee

  13. soy de venezuela y esa mierda no paso ni de coña

  14. Killcard101 says:

    Are you sure this is in Venezuela? Wouldn't they not be speaking English? Could be somewhere else.

  15. nicktesla45 says:

    If Aliens ever really came in force like this Most people on earth would crapp in their pants . The Religious and Fundamental Christians would go out of their fucken minds with fear .

  16. jaesung kim says:

    (My english is no good. Sorry..)

    I watched this video.
    If this is fake, then computer graphic level is very high. Most high level.
    This graphic about UFO ship is really more better than current SF movies. So I think this is not computer graphic.

    1. UFO shoot any weapon. Then the area will be damage. Then someone can find damage area.
    Someone know this area?

    2. Venezuela is using spanish not english as I know.
    But why peoples used english in video? Or Is this other location not venezuela? Wrong title? I think wrong title.

    3. Does anybody know, any public comment like Venezuela news or Nasa or CNN or.. .. about this video?

    4. Camera shot is good. There is almost no blurring. why?

    Anyway UFO ship graphic is really good if this is fake.

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