UFO Being Towed Mojave CA





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  1. Hi the voices in my head all agree that you're looking at empty cars on cruise control from EG&G. Why would they roll unmanned? I only counted like 4 people. They love to send them out in groups of four lol. Actually never mind… I'm kidding. I play atari video games from zayres still. OKAY? Oh and by the way those lights are legit. Bye.

  2. It's neither flying nor unidentified.And it's uncovered and escorted by cop cars with flashing lights, so it isn't even secret. As someone already said, it's an x47b.

  3. Rooster says:

    Welp, that alien shouldn't have parked in the handicap spot.. ffs.

  4. Its a drone. Seen one before. It is not one we currently use and is a test program. If it was truly a crashed ET vehicle the road would be shut down and you would be dead for shooting the video. Still cool to see though.

  5. Striker01 says:

    Not a UFO at all. Northrop Grumman was relocating an X-47B UAV.
    Makes sense why they transported it on a trailer instead of a C-5 Galaxy cause X-47B is a flying wing and is too wide.

  6. Danny Leauga says:

    It was a prop for a movie ( The Coming Race ) 2013 released 12th of June

  7. UNBELIEVABLE… gas was $3.99???

  8. no WAY! that has to be for a movie

  9. Spartanpug says:

    it could be for a movie set

  10. holyyyyyyy shittttt… Nice video..

  11. eagle49624 says:

    Why would they light up an alien spacecraft that they were moving??? Probably something of terrestrial origin manufactured by Terrans.

  12. Godsun108 says:

    Why must people claim this or that, say it is or isn't, you can't say things you don't know so stop trying because all your doing is creating problems and arguments. That being said its very possible it is a US military aircraft. Dr. Steven Greer has hundreds of former USAF pilots, military personnel, commercial pilots, etc and one of them claims the US shadow government had already reverse engineered 9 UFO's of their own by the late 1970"s. But I guess their isn't a definitive way to tell at this moment.

  13. Totally uncovered?

  14. Taino114 says:

    If it were real, the gov. would be quiet about it. This thing has spotlights lighting it up like a xmas tree. Movie prop I say.

  15. MJ Darling says:

    I would bet it's a United States military spaceship. Deep black ops has thousands of them, along with millions of "grays"–robots with humanlike skin grown in a laboratory. They just might attempt project blue beam if they can't keep fooling enough people to fear "terrorists" and the Russians. If they can get all the governments of the world to give them money to fight "aliens" that television viewers have been propagandized to believe are evil and mean us harm, they will make trillions of dollars.

  16. alright…i dont know what was that but you people should know that military people have other jobs too….on internet as a commentator to make people not beleive in ufo or secet objects caught on footage. So beleive what yiou see,search and result comes out. Military intelligense are all over inteernet by nerdy names so that noone can even doubt it.

  17. hotmojoe. says:

    UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. I don't know for sure but I don't think it was flying there…

  18. Or it could be a real UFO….or maybe it is just a prop for a movie scene 🙂

  19. calvwyne says:

    If they wanted it to be such a big secret , they would have covered it up…." ok , here's the plan men , we're going to have lots of flashing lights , drive really slow , and NO we are not going to cover it up.

  20. i remember seeing that while driving

  21. it all fake on you tube nothing real on here,except for the people who make the comments.

  22. Don't worry people it's just a weather balloon with a flat ! 🙂


  24. Youtu Gamer says:

    maybe we made ufo's and we are alliens allong?

  25. Arnot517 says:

    You do know that OUR Govt. is making UFOs don't you ? So, is it theirs or ours–

  26. Paul Bradley says:

    If its for a movie it wouldnt be preceeded and followed by multiple police cars……………#

  27. Nik Rijnders says:

    think its a military drone

  28. Randy Scott says:

    After watching the video, I'm still waiting to see a UFO being towed. Your dramatic, if deceptive, title certainly gathered you a few views. When you find a REAL UFO being towed then you can say so with all honesty and get even more views.

  29. taimtodie says:

    It's either a drone or a movie prop, honestly…

  30. Wimpoman says:

    It's not technically a UFO. :p

  31. Jim McAfee says:

    yep…let's tow a freaking alien ship UNCOVERED so anyone can see it…..because you know, we couldn't possibly find a tarp large enough to even do the most basic of things…..riiiiight….that's real.

  32. Probably for a movie set out in the desert

  33. Pancakero says:

    Tv Marginalia yes it is a x-47b militry drone

  34. It's probably just a prop. They're not gonna move it like that out in the open if it were something from Area 51.

  35. I'm just going to say this: It looks like a boat to me.

  36. James Smith says:

    Here is a link to a picture of ax x-47b drone, which is what this is, on a truck for all the people to lazy to google it themselves. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/95/X-47B_AV-2_arrives_as_NAS_Patuxent_River_on_flatbed_truck.jpg

  37. ItsGokuable says:

    Its a penisfountain420yudodis drone.

  38. BassFace says:

    who toes a huge ass drone on the high way?!

  39. WTF HOW IS NEWPORT 5 bucks here? and i pay 11 and their gas price is 4 bucks LOL

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