UFO Commander (to the Future) – Jesse Cox Tribute


Hi!, We created this small song sampling Jesse’s voice and incorporating a little bit of our residence-created rock&roll as a sacrifice to the wonderful Room Butterfly! (voice sampled from episode 18 and 19 of Jesse’s Recreation Dev Tycoon)

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26 Responses

  1. Aaron Blyth says:

    god this song always ends up in my head at some point every year

  2. sky stryker says:

    And that's why Jesse was a voice actor.

  3. SoundLess says:

    Heard this little gem at the end of Scary Game Squad Resident Evil 7, now can't stop listening to it…

  4. Don Dragon says:

    This is actually cool… The kind-of-british-rapping-part at the start is awesome as well, as if it was planned

  5. I get this classic TMNT feel from the song. Was this intentional? 🙂

  6. ToaCody says:

    This actually inspired me to concoct a Rider Gashat based around the game.

  7. I was wondering what the outro to the last few of Dishonored 2 was

  8. BogusMojo says:

    I think my Micro BR has that drum beat.

  9. I kept hearing this song at the end of Jesse's videos, so I googled the lyrics and here I am! Love the song! I look forward to listening to this again, in the future.

  10. eljefereal says:

    It's the horns. The horns put this song WAY over the top.

  11. Ryanisbored says:

    So yeah how do you make ringtones?


  13. John Doe says:

    Any change we could get an instrumental?

  14. scalie daddy says:

    omg, jesse remix? this is the best thing ive seen! 😀

  15. Can someone PLEASE tell me what he says after I'm gonna make a fortune?

  16. SHUT THE BALLS UP…………………….Love it

  17. P1nk Bunny says:

    I forgot I put this on, and I thought the episode was over.

  18. TheGameGuy says:

    They are here to solve a case!

  19. Ilena S says:

    sigh i love this 😛

  20. This is one of my favorite tribute songs ever. Thanks for making it!

  21. Man, this takes me back. I've listened to this for years, but never realized this was from the Game dev tycon series.

  22. is it embarrassing that I have a dance for this entire song?

  23. spikey556 says:

    This needs a full length release, 3min. minimum

  24. I like Jesse so this is awesome

  25. SpikeTiger0 says:

    We need this as a Ringtone!

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