UFO Destroys SpaceX Rocket On Launch Pad?


SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets went up in a blaze of flames on the launch pad, having its satellite payload proper along with it, but was a UFO liable for the blast?

The company previously managed to come back from an exploded ISS launch (with the whole cargo within) to turn out to be a critical provider for NASA’s cargo operates.

ELON MUSK: UFO Might Have Wrecked Place X Rocket: https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=ENDE69Kembk&index=one&checklist=PL3um0Chn7c0BtCzA0iHC9xxA8Rla5S38q

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48 Responses

  1. Grasping at straws aren't we?.?

  2. aliens are the monitors of this planet now.

  3. Bill Murray says:

    I traveled million light years only to destroy a primitive fuel propelled rocket made by their dominant yet very basic, species… I'm a verrry clever Alien, thrust me.

  4. Get out of grandma's basement and get a job.

  5. i saw three fly past in this video

  6. That is exactly what I saw in the actual video

  7. AntiNoob79 says:

    Also, for everyone who says it is just a bird. The object is reflecting an awful lot of light. Seems unlikely that it could be a bird.

  8. AntiNoob79 says:

    Look at all of UFO reports over the past 50 to 60 years. Each of the shapes described by witnesses in the reports nearly always matches the shape and description of an experimental aircraft that the US was testing at the time the "UFO" was witnessed. That being said, there have been increasing numbers of spherical shaped UFO sightings. I think we are seeing yet another experimental aircraft here. You might be wondering, why would there be a desire to destroy a spacex rocket? Because it is a privately run and privately funded space program. If you were a government official, would you want a private program to send whoever or whatever they want into space?

  9. Petty Murphy says:

    So aliens destroyed this Space X rocket launch, but not the 10 others (Probably 20 by now actually) because SCIENCE, got it. Glad this provided so much clear rationale and proof and wasn't some stupid conspiracy theory video with crappy music

  10. Joe Wenzel says:

    Bird can see it flapping its wings.

  11. toapto99 says:

    I think maybe it's a DRONE.

  12. thelma thorn says:

    it blows my mind that some people think were the only ones and that other forms of intelligent life doesn't exist. that just seems shallow to me, I am 31 and have been a believer since 95 when my parents, my sister and I saw a light that kinda flew in a Z type pattern from a dead stop in the sky, before it zoomed off it actually got a big white silouet around it and then did the Z pattern, stopped again the took off out of sight. I was 10 at the time, we were on a 3,500-foot above sea level mtn, we took our old jeep up there to see the sights, waited until after dark on a Feb. evening. This was the site of an old fire tower in Hardy County WV. We went to the area every year around the same time for 16 years of my young life and I love it there. The terrain is awesome if your into that sort of thing, great trout fishing also. National Forrest areas. Since that night I have been a believer..I havnt seen a whole lot with my own eyes since then besides a few instances but this experience was awesome for me and my family. I guess its one of those things where you know what you saw and It doesn't matter who believes you because you saw it first hand, in my case with witnesses. Today with computer imaging and how easy one can do CGI there is a lot of garbage out there, back when we saw this in the mid 90s a vhs video camera that was massive was about the only cameras your average person could get. Now we have access to some very good video recording devices . I do believe some to be real but like I said with all the fakery its hard to differentiate whats-what..Have a good one  Thanks

  13. Vixic Exicc says:

    Even alien don't like Israel and Zionist

  14. V says:

    Who did this and why….this rocket would be the beginning of cheaper, more affordable travel into space and the start of viable, practical exploration of our nearest celestial bodies that we could mine for resources we can bring back down(since the SpaceX rocket can come back and land on Earth), we could mine on the millions of asteroids surrounding us right now, as well as the Moon itself, and eventually once we develop faster travel, it would be practical to go mine Mars…..this would be the first steps of a true age of exploration into space………..so I ask, who would be opposed to that.

  15. justicetout says:

    It's Raptor jesus !

    But, wait a minute, this video is a fake ?? Nooo i'm sooo sad.

  16. Ashley Lynch says:

    first of all ufo have not been seen in the usa secent of all the (ufo) was to far to have exploed the ship

  17. Falcon says:

    No it wasn't, it was the Anti Matter Space Buzzard.

  18. Sam Smith says:

    If you notice, it goes in front of the two towers so it is not a ufo

  19. trialnterror says:

    I have seen this exact round object in Ogden Utah and in Eden Utah which was filmed going horizontal then immediately shot straight vertical and out of sight the one in Ogden Ogden Utah me and my dad physically saw that flying right above our house at night

  20. Danny says:

    Wait, we don't have the technology to manipulate video to make it look like aliens blew up the rocket. Looks legit to me 😛

  21. Yigopu Gjikb says:

    its russian huckers

  22. shaman5150 says:

    Es un insecto. Podría haber mostrado más tiempo de vídeo y así poder confirmar si aparecen otros objetos similares. La poca duración del vídeo me huele a engaño.

  23. Birds… nothing more simple birds…

  24. At 2:11 it looks like a balloon with a faint string, but balloons can't move that fast. I agree it's a UFO – Unidentified Flying Object – "Unidentified … Object." Whether it's alien, yes. Alien as in foreign. Is it extraterrestrial? I seriously doubt it, although I have no idea what it is.

  25. So many decent synth patches wasted on these stupid videos.

  26. Kyrie Aviles says:

    Nah I bet UFOs is just angry getting a rocket

  27. Clark kent says:

    Who or whatever it was thanks No WaR!

  28. Adequate date. Greetings to Antarctica!

  29. …hamarey unki technology ka koi mukabla nahey.wo hamey nuksan nahey pahocha saktay

  30. There is no Proof Tho we need a Better And Cleaner Shot to beable to tell If it was a UFO

  31. The Nazis are responsible for this explosion, I believe that was one of their advanced flying saucers, They have a massive fleet beneath the ice of Antarctica and they will reveal themselves to the public very soon.

  32. sherpah says:

    Oh my God I have the demonstration to prove scientifically it's not a bird or an insect,:
    I noticed just at 1:16 of the video if you put the speed of video at the minimum (x0.25), you can see an other object(or the same later) coming from the right toward the center of the screen,with insane speed and straight trajectory , and suddenly goes to the right, it appears bigger and in 3 frames it's very small in the screen… So NOW :
    It has an incredible speed, and I'm pretty sure the camera to film the rocket is really far from it for security reasons, so the zoom is high, the focal is high, and the main consequence of it is that the perspective is flattened, in that case for an object to enter that big and in 3 FRAMES being a point on the screen , it must have done a BIG distance during those 3 Frames of times : 25 frames for one second, so in approximately 0.12 seconds it has done tens of meters…. thats obviously one really fast object, search for an insect going 250meters by second and call me I have to know this.
    That's a UFO.

  33. just a piece on spacex

  34. gucel id says:

    even UFO hate israel

  35. Boy Azrill says:

    Even aliens dont like fucking israel

  36. مدور ما هذا الله أعلم ?

  37. It was nothing more than a fueling accident caused by human error.

  38. Bakr Bakr says:

    الله أكبر

  39. Derek Wall says:


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