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  1. The deeper the governments deny, the deeper the anal probes must go! Lube up people…..

  2. now nick pope is saying ufos aren't real but in the videos on the right side of this page hes saying ufos are real . whats the deal with that ?

  3. Larry Stran says:

    theres a cyper war aliens verses flat earthers and flat earhers are winning.good free sifi here.

  4. What a whole heap of boloney like Santa and the tooth fairy, NWO working overtime to deceive the populace. I believe its called blue ray holograms, hoax same as moon landing, evolution, nuclear weapons, earth turning at 1600 KPH, God particle at CERN.

  5. Doug Zembiec says:

    the phoenix lights have been debunked …. next

    here's a real conspiracy . did Jesus Christ exist . short answer , probably not.

  6. Doug Zembiec says:

    the sound effects imply the conspiracy is more a fun belief than a reality.

  7. t Mann says:

    I heard he extracted one out his butt, the Alien never came back to retrieve it, however a guy who was good at decorating took it for a good time.

  8. Bob Sim says:

    Nick POPE the perfect son of a bitch cocksucker who would even sell out his own mother, he's a perfect cunt… sounding so credible he should be locked up just for misleading people here. UFO's exist, I've seen them as well as their idiot hybrids, and they are here, in full force; thi is x ci a . Oh but lets not Google Admiral Bird or how the World really works because people are cunts and too fucken lazy to even ask any questions here! That's why the perpetrators of 911 can simply make goofs like forgetting to use a commercial airliner for their reproduction while at the same time laughing in face of a 2 billion fraud in put-options the Bush family would gain betting on stocks that would die on 911, or how about the BBC reports five times building 7 has fallen with the building still standing right behind the reporters telling the story … I could go on. Aliens are here and your landlord/government knows it. Law is a two way street and if our elected officials don't uphold it then why should we; on the balance of probabilities democracy is more make-believe than green aliens. The reason there will be no disclosure or ever coming remotely clean is because even if your fuken stupid and can barely think too well get this, the only way someone colludes against you with your boss/ Gov is because they've made an agreement, that is most likely a deal not to your liking… dip-shits! In other words, forget about slavery, whats coming is worse; but slavery is pretty much here already; WWIIi is well underway. Syria, is one last piece finalised by president Hillary, then a Nuclear war falls on Iran, and at your expense, yahoo! But don't forget to vote!! Please , look at the Russell Tribunal here on utube, get it… these are your real landlords, its starts from X0101110!

  9. im struggling to end this video but i have to coz i like fairytales

  10. Germans exploded their atomic bomb in October, 1944, which this documentary does not recognize. Thus, I must call BULLSHIT. If I want to see an alien, I look in the mirror. My concern is the other aliens, and we have been at each other for a very long time.

  11. if the aliens could travel to earth they would have taken over already

  12. Larry Fisher says:

    Mona, you woke up from a dream. I've had them before (not about lizard people) and could have sworn that it was true. Know given the chooses, which makes the most sense? Okay.. They have messages for us. There is proof that they have probably been visiting earth for thousands of years maybe more. When will we be ready? Probably never since we can't make $ off of the aliens. If aliens want to prevent humans from possible nuclear war why do they abduct John or Jane Doe? Why don't they abduct the president? Who said that it has to be aliens abducting these people? Maybe it's the US Government. After they do what they want they just brainwash the abductee to think that it was an alien.

  13. Amusing how the narrator muses at everything. While he was poking fun at "alien technology" and how the "aliens" would travel, he fails to grasp that, just because we don't or can't fathom how something is done, doesn't mean it can not be done..

    For example, if you managed to go to 1970 or earlier and you were to tell someone that in the future people would be walking around with telephones in their pockets that can also be used as a filmless camera, video camera and computer capable of showing television shows when you wanted to see them at the touch of a finger all rolled into one handheld device, they'd be musing about how crazy you are.

  14. I met a Alien his name was Jim he was cool loves beer

  15. alomec559 says:

    not no "flares"

  16. Marc Bell says:

    I thought only Americans could make documentaries this stupid.

  17. Brad Derks says:

    if aliens are visiting our earth…which is a posability…See: old paintings with UFOS in them..we only hear more about it because our media and news is better…can advanced aliens control us secretly??? maybe..hell if your human..you just need to be rich and we'll connected to have some control over people in the public with law and law enforcement …also …think of how we treat cows…most of these animals we eat after giving them a short lived life..might never see, interact or only glimpse a human…and we are all over the place…

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