UFO Documentary 2016


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  1. Howie Shea says:

    LIZARDS would be better than the leaders we have.

  2. Fissle Wine says:

    I dont buy it; people getting all heated over fibre optics and night vision – and the reality is controlling a device with the mind and pervasive technology could be much easier and fun – forfilling salient needs…giving purpose and for forfillment to the most menial jobs…And the idea that eyes are removed and needles pushed into them to upgrade DNA makes no sense whatsever…I suspect something else is happening.

  3. Smith John says:


  4. Donald Coder says:

    Fun and entertaining. That's it!

  5. If the there are no aliens we wouldn't be alive.

  6. We need new ufo crashes

  7. why don't these abductees get security cameras to prove their cases but they never have any video do they

  8. René Carlos says:

    so there saying that most of this new technology is not invented by humans but by other human like aliens. Wow n I thought we were the smartest people on earth but I guess am wrong . I just don't understand why this aliens haven't try to communicate with us the the citizens of the world. It's obvious that the government don't want them too cause then they would lose control n power over the people! I say fuck all government around the world . I Know that the U.S.A is not the only government who knows about aliens visiting our earth. I bet even the Russian president Putin knows about this shit!

  9. Nick Cohen says:

    If the aliens were so smart to come here , how come they were so stupid to crush ……

  10. Just Me says:

    until they come for me…Nobodys ever come for you biatch…and never will. so just come to peace with it !! Think she just experienced her first gangbang.

  11. Terry Myre says:

    this is TRUMPS new plaza he is going to dyesect all .

  12. UndeadNinja says:

    Fuck man that bill guy has been talking about UFO'S forever He Knows a guy who knows a guy who saw a guy who once knew a guy who saw a UFO once fuck LOL once I see Bill I know it's going to be bogus history channel like crap lol

  13. kid coffins are cute. cuz how tiny they are.

  14. Gez501 says:

    Unfortunately Corso did not reveal ALL that he knew. He obviously respected what he considered "very important knowledge" with regard to his Security Rating Oath. He was "selective" – maybe even authorised – as to what he revealed. At least we have had a corner of the secrecy curtain raised. As it is an "ongoing" series of events perhaps we will have other "whistle-blowers" who will give us more information as time passes.

    I am currently very curious and interested as to what is happening in Antarctica recently. The meeting of the Russian Orthodox Church Primate and the Roman Catholic Pope meeting of the two religions for the first time in a THOUSAND YEARS is an EXTREMELY MOMENTOUS event, but MSM says virtualy NOTHING. Kerry is sent away pronto. Spaceman 'spoofed' with a false "tweet" but taken away with "chest infection". There is more of a fishy smell here than a North Sea trawler.

    Friedman, although a very credible "investgator" appears very biased against Corso, and characters of similar status in almost ALL his investigations. He is unfortunately "stuck" because he has relied almost entirely on documentary evidence – paper work trails – which are no longer used for very important material storage. He needs "a Corso" to help him move to the next NEW line of investigation. I don't think "chips" and implants et al are his forte.

  15. @ 1hour 00 minutes, this woman aint she an actrice from orange is the new black?

  16. gotem nigah says:

    well video served it's purpose….confuse you

  17. chris bell says:

    i read this book a few times so this may be interesting

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