UFO Documentary February 6th 2017


UFO Documentary February sixth 2017©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings Great Footage January thirty first 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings peculiar lights January 30th 2017. The resource was doing the job extra time and when he came out to go to his car he noticed this in the sky. Some of his coworkers also noticed the UFO. This is a quite exclusive UFO It seems to be like purple lights in the sky. The UFO also appears distorted with some kind of electrical power. Really intriguing UFO footage we are going to have to say proof good.
Our upcoming UFO sighting is archived footage. This arrives to us from Chicago. This UFO appears to be a place ship quite intriguing. The resource was in a airplane flying residence over Chicago when he noticed this UFO. If you have any further data please leave it in the feedback down below.
The upcoming UFO sightings is also archived footage from the 12 months 2010. This UFO appears to be alive. The resource filmed this UFO with his mobile phone digital camera we have some vertical UFO footage here. If you have any further data please leave it in the feedback down below.
The upcoming UFO footage is also archived footage of what we believe that to be the exact UFO. It was taken in Ohio Usa Oct 2013. This time the UFO appears to have some heat distortion on it. The UFO is also flying by a airplane. If you have any further data please leave it in the feedback down below.
The Up coming UFO Sighting arrives to us from Novi Michigan June 2014. This time the UFO appears to have a mild in the middle of it. This UFO was filmed at a park. Exceptional UFO Footage. If you have any further data please leave it in the feedback down below.
The upcoming UFO Sightings arrives to us from Cancun Mexico. This is outstanding apparent footage. A single of the employees took the UFO footage at a vacation resort. This is as apparent as UFO footage will get. If you have any further data please leave it in the feedback down below.
Alright our ultimate UFO movie arrives to us from Russia January 30th 2017. This is wonderful UFO footage. The resource and his close friends occasion at this abandon factory and on January 30th 2017 they noticed this UFO. They ended up getting a superior time till they noticed this UFO and started out wondering what is going on? This UFO appears to be made out of metallic. The shape of the UFO is quite exclusive and tricky to explain. All in all outstanding UFO footage here.
UFO Sightings Need to See Footage February 2nd 2017 ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings just take a look at this item February 1st 2017. This UFO was noticed by a drone two hundred ft in the air. The resource was testing out his new drone attempting to see how higher he can go when he appeared at the iPad he was applying for a observe and noticed this UFO. This is apparent footage as the drone is pricey and has a superior digital camera on it. The UFO has a whole lot of heat distortion on it. There seems to be like some electrical power or heat panels on it that are creating the heat distortion. Exceptional UFO footage on this a person.
UFO Sightings Mexico Jet fly’s by UFO. This is wonderful UFO footage. Seems to be like the UFO is spinning and the fighter jet examine it out. The UFO appears to be made of metallic quite intriguing Footage. This is archived UFO footage if you have any further data on this UFO please leave it in the feedback down below.
UFO Sighting sort a satellite. This reveals a stealth bomber flying by a UFO that is morphing. This is outstanding UFO footage. The UFO starts off out a three rings and then morphs into a person solid item. This is apparent footage of a UFO come across. Not a lot was revealed by the resource on this UFO sighting. Not positive if the jet is escorting the UFO or just examining it out. If you have any further data on this UFO sightings please leave it in the feedback down below.
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  1. people that uploads videos like this have already the titles or names and people that believe that UFO exists have also a title or names,,,absolutley…their names are ASSHOLES!!!!!

  2. Leonard Cox says:

    Thanks for the video. Very interesting it can't all be smoke and mirrors there is definitely something out there.

  3. Wow, just wow……………………

  4. TommyWylie says:

    That thing over Russia 9 mins in looks like a dirigible, or blimp.

  5. Pam Street says:

    This looks like it is cloaking and hiding what is under it or behind it

  6. Stalker says:

    The truth is out there ?

  7. Jesse Jordan says:

    Special Projects…

  8. Jesse Jordan says:

    Looks like a blimp…very flexible..

  9. Davina Test says:

    Anti gravitational testing

  10. i want one of those ships

  11. strange world we live in

  12. Ja que as autoridades nao informam nada , Eles disseram que estarao se mostrando mais e mais por todo o mundo para que as pessoas se acostumem com a visao de suas naves nos nossos ceus.

  13. David Booth says:

    i wish i didnt put that

  14. Mike Murray says:

    After watching documentaries on deep sea life and the predominance of luminescence I wonder if some of these couldn't also be biological entities native to the cosmos!!

  15. Has anyone in New Zealand seen anything like these objects?

  16. uuiii Operation Blue Beam zusammen mit Haarp und Chemtrails

  17. Shaun's ITC says:

    I see them pretty often over Houston

  18. Aiday2008 says:

    I have seen them coming out from the ocean.

  19. It's TR 3B! One of the Dark Satanic Government projects! Blue Beam project as well and HAARP. And those weird creatures are demonic reptilian creatures.

  20. Jan. 28 – Detroit, Mich., Joe Louis Arena was where the Jeff Dunham Show took place

  21. TheHoward72 says:

    the guy sounds like Woody Harrelson

  22. Kurt Joyner says:

    The moving outline object appears to be a force field or cloaking devise. Very interesting videos. Thanks!

  23. #1 is a craft inside a warp bubble. We have been trying to crack this technology for years so we ourselves can travel at warp speeds with the push and pull through space time around a craft.

  24. tradin tdon says:

    Almost too good! These are the weirdest shapes ever.

  25. Dead Inside says:

    @32:25 Looks like a giant tarantula in the sky

  26. Do planes have red lights? The storm could be displacing the spectrum and/or the luminosity????

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