UFO GUN │ Kirby’s Adventure #4 │ ProJared Plays!


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Participating in through KIRBY’S Journey, the initial Kirby match I ever performed and the initial to introduce Kirby’s powers!

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48 Responses

  1. Jared it would have been easier to just use the fire ball in that stage instead.


  3. SonicChaos15 says:

    I think they fixed Balll in the remake. Not by much mind you.

  4. Thumbs up for someone who dislikes coconut more than I do.

  5. virtzilla says:

    "You are nothing. You are now my poop!"
    -Jared "Projared" Knabenbauer, 2017

  6. froteet says:

    Real cocnut is A-OK but fake coconut flavor is the fucking WORST

  7. lostjack157 says:

    13: 16 Me: "It was at this moment that he knew."

    Jared: "I fucked up."

  8. i always thought metaknight hid his true identity because he was also a kirby, was dissapointed that it wasnt true

  9. Actually if anyone wants a neat secret. On 7-2 there's secret entrance on at the very beginning of the level that lets you bypass a few of the boss… but the bosses you need to fight are much more aggressive from what I remember.

  10. It showed up in amazing mirror! (UFO)

  11. TheBronf says:

    i want jared to do a full playthough no deaths with using a cheat that will allways make him into ball.

  12. shittyfagg says:

    I like that quote.
    "I will gladly fight your dudes."

    Like a battle cry.

  13. UFO Kirby appears in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror… P.S. This is my favorite Kirby game, you should play it for YouTube.

  14. Jared why are you keep going so much left that the fire guy respawns? Its driving me nuts. You could get so easily to the cannon

  15. Jared, it's too bad you've written off coconut and listed off only American, sugary products for reasons why… Maybe if you try some Caribbean food you would change your mind?

  16. MARM says:

    UFO was also in Amazing Mirror on GBA. It was just as rad.

  17. patu8010 says:

    Kirby absorbs the sleep power, he sleeps. His greatest strength is also his Achilles heel. Tyrants have always been especially susceptible to poison.

  18. ZenoDLC says:

    Why hammer? You can break blocks with Fireball

  19. Whenever I hear someone mention Kirby robobot, all I think is "My drill is the drill that creates the heavens!"

    You are now free to ridicule me.

  20. Y.VA says:

    That's a fuckin elaborate secret for FUCKING KIRBY

  21. iKolon says:

    Come back to Haven and Hearth, there's a new 3D edition now.

  22. Jordi Cañas says:

    Nah, the UFO is also in Mouse Attack for the DS and I remember another one but not the name

  23. Christoph G says:

    are you playing on original nes hardware? if yes, how do you get such a crisp picture out of it? Thanks in advance :)

  24. it's in squeak squad but that game also has ghost Kirby which is my favorite power by far

  25. Mobile Chimp says:

    you didnt fuck up.. it was a tactical death for full health in the next stage

  26. GalaxyWisp says:

    You got WRECKED in the gravity room!

  27. Pistan says:

    Think about the flak this game would get if it was released today with all its frame rate dips.

  28. Planet Robobot is absolutely one of the best Kirby's I have ever played xD

  29. Ball is like the best ability in Nightmare in Dream Land

  30. THAT'S HOW YOU DO THAT!? Yeash all this time what I would do is suck up the fire guy, walk over to the fuse, absorb the power (Cause he always demos the power when you get it), then that ignite the fuse and i get in the cannon

  31. Demonologist says:

    The UFO shows up in the GBA one with 4 Kirbys

  32. I like how it says "Mike" and not "Mic"

  33. 中国通 says:

    Factorio please <_>

  34. Glad I'm not the only one to dislike coconut highly. XD

  35. TS Prism says:

    I do have a question: Why not the GBA Remake: Nightmare in Dreamland? It's the same game, but better

  36. Has Jared ever stated what his number 1 favorite game is?

  37. FlamingIdiot says:

    Jared, I believe that fireball would also break those blocks you used hammer on. Or I'm thinking of later games

  38. nachotee says:

    I mean sword is cool and all but it's kinda the worst ability in the game haha, has zero range. I'd rather use ball ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. Wilson says:

    Meta Knight is always battling Kirby to see if he's good enough as a savior/warrior to face King DeDeDe. Also, it looks like a lot of the sprites/animation were carried over to Kirby's Avalanche for SNES.

  40. Fangslime says:

    Why did the Suplex Turtle get turned into an elephant in the remake?

  41. He could have used fireball to destroy the blocks in level 2. There was no need to get hammer, he could have saved himself the time since there was a fireball enemy in the room that respawns every time you go offscreen. Just use beam to clear the way, then go back for fireball.

  42. "I want you in my mouth."
    Projared 2017

  43. Jackson S says:

    This may be my favourite playthough since Xcom.

  44. JNerdGaming says:

    He pulled a Big Smoke at 12:11.

  45. Right there with ya, I can't stand coconut either.

  46. Tham Kanu says:

    games with UFO:
    Dream Course
    Nightmare in dreamland
    Squeak squad
    planet robobot

  47. Darkmagus86 says:

    Stage 7-1 use FIREBALL to get the secret. That's how you do it. Easiest way.

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