UFO Movie Trailer (Jean-Claude Van Damme)


UFO Trailer “Check out to continue being tranquil” ! Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bianca Bree, and Sean Brosnan

It began with a blackout, all power and communications down. Hours later on city sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war began…5 close friends attempt to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the planet descends into terror and anarchy all through an alien invasion and interstellar war.
UFO Movie Trailer (2013) .

A Hawthorn Manufacturing, Created and Directed by Dominic Burns. Developed by Andy Thompson, Tim Big, Dominic Burns, Alain Wildberger. Starring Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, Simon Phillips, with Julian Glover, with Sean Pertwee and Jean Claude Van Damme.

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34 Responses

  1. how come I just found out jean claude had a amazing daughter and that he is in this sci-fi movie with her… awesome… I cant wait to see this.. screw all of you who gave it shaaty reviews VAN DAME for life

  2. Marky Polo says:

    I have not seen the movie. But, THANKS guys for the WARNINGS!

  3. They filmed parts of this movie in my old home city of Derby.

  4. Seizeis says:

    Spoiler: Todo mundo morre no final 😀

  5. just watched this on netflix, this is time i can never ever get back 🙁

  6. Da Ca says:

    whoever wrote the script needs a slap across the head, SO many plot holes Nothing is explained maybe that was the point of the movie but either way the acting wasnt bad at all

  7. I think we need to have some kinda unifying event like to happen to bring everyone together and get us past all of our bullshit and make a stand and say WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE and work together to fight for OUR right to survive

  8. Most stupid end of all videos in the world…

  9. Is this ''Alien Uprising'' 2012 ?

  10. why is this so disliked?

  11. one of the worst van damme film i've ever seen!

  12. At least i expected scenes of people punching aliens not people punching people. 

  13. sorry but i'm over the whole aliens coming to earth thing

  14. kidgamer2 says:

    What a crap movie this must be. The special effects budget couldn't have been more that about $6. Horrible acting and a laughable screenplay. The only place you're going to see this is in the $1 dvd bin.  

  15. Instead of aliens vs humans it bcomes humans vs humans *facepalm

  16. TheGadler says:

    HAHA.. must be Van Damme or Lundgreen.

  17. Terran xenophobia: they're here to steal our resources, rape our women, eat us alive and raw!

    Uh, no. Why would any sensible star-faring race want to steal resources from a third-rate planet at the bottom of a gravity well? Why not simply take them from any of the gas giants or asteroids? Much simpler and cheaper to process raw materials in space.

    Rape our women? Why would an alien feel desire for a human female? Is it because our women are so irresistible? Uh, no. Especially if it's an alien with scales, fangs and claws. (How do you operate those technically-advanced ships with such a bad manicure?) It's seems more likely that a female alien (or third, fourth, fifth, or sixth gender) alien would be more of a turn-on.

    Eat us alive and raw? Hmm, that would imply that their metabolism was like ours and we can eat THEM. I wonder if they taste like chicken? (even rattlesnake tastes like chicken) No, seriously: identical metabolisms would be like winning the Powerball, having an asteroid fall on your head, and getting Christina Aguilera's private cell number all on the same day. Long odds, in other words.

    Short answer: because if bullshit Hollywood screenwriters actually had to THINK about physics and science and genetics, their heads would explode. Creative writers (which, sadly, includes SF screenwriters) don't study science. They study writing and what sells on the big market. What sells? Bullshit, mostly.  

  18. Ay-esem Com says:

    its a fucking britch movie That is why it sucks

  19. Ay-esem Com says:

    I am watching this movie right now and OMG. what the hell is that? you cannot call this a movie it is just junk bit and pieces of anything  🙁  thank god I did not pay a penny in this shit 

  20. Lt P says:

    Don't discount the grid of ion cannon emplacements around the globe – like that one Soviet scientists found in the 'Valley of Death' in Siberia.

  21. david ds says:

    can someone please make a movie with peaceful alien visitors, why always war, it gets very very boring

  22. wow that movie sucked lol, makes no sense 

  23. DallasTechie says:

    This has epic failure written all over it.

  24. Dave Antics says:

    Jean Claude Goshdarn 

  25. aki_bane says:

    Low budget film with jean

  26. Lol soldiers shooting at alien air craft with assault rifles. 

  27. railfan49 says:

    Where is SHADO???  Where is Straker???

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