UFO – Rock Bottom



Seventeen and a nature’s queen ya, know what I suggest
Twenty one, on your own one
You can see the figures run
Now you seem so peaceful, lyin’ there asleep
With the wings of God above you
Just before the spirits meet
–Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom
* Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom

Shadow EARTH is closin’ in above the lamps in your avenue
Lucifer goes walkin’ down for you to meet
Minutes pass so little by little by the, arms on your clock
Heaven’s doorway will not open, when you knock
* Repeat

With all darkness closin’ in
Will the gentle expose your soul?
A single sweet kiss on your clay chilly lips…
A single lengthy rest you can in no way know
In which do we go, in which do we go
In which do we go from right here


39 Responses

  1. Ty Page says:

    Was there any ass LEFT after this band was through kickin??

  2. Two hundred UFO loves Texas as Texas lives for UFO!

  3. Terry Bobo says:


  4. Eric Braun says:

    Pete Way Rippin that bassline..classic

  5. Adam C. says:

    One of the best "classic" rock songs.

  6. Ellen R. says:

    ^-_-^ That´s Rock!

  7. ACERAMGAD says:

    I dig this photo!

  8. Thirty-seven gave this a thumbs down, which means they have horrible taste in music.

  9. sean marcy says:

    UFO, Uber All! Deep Purple and
    Led Zepilen ain't got shit on
    these guys, and that's for true!!!

  10. Ciclopea2 says:

    Dat guitar solo tho, INSANE

  11. Kane Allen says:

    I see where Priest get their inspiration

  12. Tony Orlando says:

    Is this a mash-up of DiO & Priest?


  14. go and listen the first scorpions album still think michaels best work is on that

  15. gringochucha says:

    It's insane that this band isn't on Metal-Archives. This is as heavy metal as it gets.

  16. Rock & Roll baby!!!!!

  17. JCMVGUY says:

    Holly stuff xD Perfect!

  18. I ducking love this riff

  19. Barry Leigh says:

    Perfection what a lead break

  20. Mate Buljan says:

    One of the best songs ever.Michael Schenker is amazing.

  21. Sandor Vitez says:

    Never get tired of that solo.

  22. this is so good my grandpa told me to listen to it and it has been the best song I have ever heard

  23. this is so good my grandpa told me to listen to it and it has been the best song I have ever heard

  24. 2bingtim says:

    Head-banging to this at Radio Caroline road shows in the 70's. Great music, though my favorite is Out on the Street.

  25. Bill Day says:

    I always hear my friends and kids around me always spout off their love for bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, etc. While those are all great bands, I find it kind of sad how practically none of them realizes that the sound those bands make can be traced back to awesome classics like this and no one I know realizes that without bands like UFO, Sabbath, and Priest who influenced bands like Maiden who influenced bands like Metallica and Guns N' Roses who in turn influenced Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed, probably none of those modern bands would be around today.

  26. Chit Pigul says:


  27. Chit Pigul says:


  28. cpd1313gts says:

    Just dont make like this anymore….smoking…….LOL

  29. So badass that riff, so sharp like a knife that guitar solo, how i never listened this band? My dick is gonna explode!!!!

  30. quiet riot says:

    นักกีตาร์กรีดและเขย่าหัวใจ ไมเคิล เช็งเกอร์

  31. Sofavolldepp says:

    riff drums bass and vox blastin

  32. That´s Rock´n´Roll

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