UFO Sighting: Electro-Magnetic Morphing UFO(!!) Triangle Formation Orbs- 12+ UFO Captures! MAY 2014


Filmed on April eighteen thru Might six, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach CA. There is certainly been significant quantities of ufo activity! The video clip addresses twelve+ UFO captures filmed throughout the working day and night time. We highlighted the very best clips from the past few weeks.

The initially capture options an amazing morphing ufo that displays an electromagnetic electrical power emanating from the craft at 1:08. There is certainly also been new sightings of low traveling orbs in my community at 3:37. Night time Vision ufos and quickly walker orbs also filmed at seven:forty two.

A fantastic sighting also transpired at the recording studio even though we had been functioning this video clip! We made a decision to just take a break from the arduous method video clip enhancing and went for a walk outside to loosen up. Although sitting on the grass we seen a massive brilliant light ufo in the sky above us. It was hovering gradually and seen to the bare eye. I ran inside and grabbed the studio digital camera and captured a few photographs of this amazing massive craft. It was also my birthday and a fantastic current!

The very last capture at twelve:11 displays a one orb and cluster of orbs traveling in sync above the tree line in Newport Beach.

The footage was captured with a Canon 7D digital camera and Canon Telephoto Lens EF one hundred-400mm, with two extender, and a Sony HX3-NX3 camcorder, with Gen 3 LRS Scout for Night time Vision. I also use K-ll Deluxe Meter to measure EMF readings and spikes.

Provided the duration I’ve broken down every single capture to time points.

Intro UFO Montage: :eighteen
Electromagnetic Morphing UFO: 1:08
Orb Rise to Hover: 3:forty seven
Diamond shaped Orb: 4:24
Orb smart Hover: five:00
Outstanding Morphing UFO: six:twelve
Night time Vision Orb Segment: seven:forty two
Orb mother ufo craft: 11:thirteen
Studio Session: 11:54
Triangle Morphing Orbs: twelve:09

Filmed by Jim Martin and edited by Anik Dang.

Tunes and score by Lewis Richards.

Extra new music by Scott Great of Entire Crate Data.
Examine him out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/scottnice

Soundscape beat by Malcolm Kirby Jr.
Examine him out at malcolmkirbyjr.com

Many thanks again for watching!



ORBS Triangle Formation JAN 2014:

ORBS Large activity Christmas Day:

How to Summon UFOS by Robert Bingham:

Orb Craft with ET Pilot- Nov 2013:


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  1. This video came in my feed just now after uploading another video of something very similar here in Madrid Spain last May. I'm subscribing now. Please have a look at my last 2 UFO vids, these things seem organic even.

  2. saucersource says:

    Too many Nikola Tesla bulbs going off means something is not under control

  3. Govan L says:

    everytime I see light flickering morfing I think Back to Mums Words.The Fallen1s Not Just 1 But 50-100 She Used To Say.They Travel Together As 1.

  4. One of the orbs that you film here while there is clouds. Clearly can be seen it's shadow being cast on the clouds as it moves. Another interesting video and great work.

  5. Orbs crossing telephone wires without being blocked out from vision looks fake to me.

  6. crack61616 says:


  7. I captured stills of a strange trail possibly left by fast flying UFO. This is ptobably 1st high res trail images on youtube https://youtu.be/CQG7t8tDgLQ . Similar trail was left by a UFO on "5 Incredible Pieces Of UFO Footage Caught On Tape" on Top5s channel as #2 but low-res and from afar. I was literally underneath the trail and took some stills.

  8. tomgt smith says:

    could <SOME> of the items be space junk tumbling in orbit ????????? also y don't you rig up a 6000mw Lazer pointer . this should give you a range of 200 miles into the night sky .. would be interesting to see if the objects react  …

  9. Amazing phenomena. i recently captured some interesting footage i would appreciate any feedback cheers

  10. they seem to be living beings or entities,,but they have self luminous capability,,but how do they fly,,??

  11. Wonderful captures!

  12. will2see says:

    the first video isn't really interesting, the videos of the nightsky + plus the night visions, those are satellites, you know that, but the las video! this hq stuff 🙂

  13. saucersource says:

    Its totally electric from Nikola Tesla with high voltage and little current so little power is used to move around almost free energy

  14. Jkatz9y says:

    IFC, thank you for posting 🙂 Please excuse me for asking this question – I mean no disrespect, but what do you think the chances are that some of these – (esp perhaps at arranged events) might be Mylar balloons? I don't know Robert Bingham and have not seen these for myself so that's why I'm asking you 🙂

  15. Dave B. says:

    Excellent work Sir. I would like to see these in individual shorter clips. IMO the governments will never have disclosure, as I believe there is an ELE sometime in the near future and this is related.

  16. gordon Lo says:

    It is a Secret US Military Intelligence Projects, the Top Secret Super Sonic Military Aircraft, they purposely design the aircraft looks like an UFO or weird stuff to confuse everyone.

  17. Jim this UFO morphing you show is exactly the same as one of Billy Meyers film movies in the 80's.
    I'd like to show it to you.
    I saw in one frame of the film an estrange "energy" formation right at the time of dimensional shift, while I was editing the movie.

  18. john igwiloh says:

    angels of light !!!

  19. Ale Torelli says:

    I really believe that we aren't alone in this huge universe and i do believe that there are a lot of civilizations with amazing technologies much more advanced than ours, but this is clearly a metallic balloon reflecting the light.

  20. انا شفتها من شهر تقريبا

  21. لقد رئيتها من شهر تقريبا

  22. Nice theories listed…. The Morphing could also be caused by difficulty remaining in our realm or dimension…. Well had to toss mine in there too…LOL 🙂

  23. Twoclaw says:

    Nice footage, bro. I'm just wondering if there's a more elevated spot for you to capture these objects from. So you have a better vantage point and, of course, get a closer shot.

  24. hardush37 says:

    I wish i had a chopper pursuit that shit ans see wtf it is

  25. Natking Cole says:

    we are not alone… but one thing is for sure.. "we can't surpass them"

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