UFO Sightings in Colorado


How can you discuss about Room and not discuss about UFOs? In the most current installment of Spaced Out we venture to Hooper, Colorado (Inhabitants of one zero five) to look into some of the stranger points that have absent down in our skies – from capturing stars to weird weather styles to aliens descending on Earth in their extraterrestrial area pods.

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29 Responses

  1. sepijortikka says:

    UFO sightings in Colorado have skyrocketed since weed became legal.

  2. Omagad Ma Ostrich Went Messin at an Alligate Pak!

    illuminati Confirmed

  3. I am a believer, but shit like this makes me want to pull my hair out… 67 fucking sightings and you don't get one of them on video that we can fucking see?? A camera might be useful at a UFO watchtower… JUST SAYIN! smfh man…

  4. If granny saw one she'd shoot it with her shotgun?

    (Beverly Hillbillies)

  5. I actually live here. Haven't seen anything myself but have heard creepy stories. Also a small YouTuber!
    But I have completey different content ?

  6. SVFYW says:

    that woman I swear is an actor
    I've seen her before…

  7. danijel124 says:

    What if these Ufo enthusiasts are aliens in disguise 🙂

  8. They were there to buy weed.

  9. I don't know why UFOs seem so improbable to everyone in the comments…do you know the statistics of how many planets there are in the universe that resemble Earth, and are capable of supporting intelligent life?? The universe is bigger than anyone can even fathom. Scientists have equated there to be about 500 billion billion sun-like stars,in only our galazy alone, and that's just being modest.
    Possibly, there could be 1 billion Earth-like planets in the galaxy.Now imagine that on 1% of those planets, the life advances to an intelligent level like it did here on Earth.
    That would equate to 100,000 intelligent civilizations just in our galaxy.

    You all need to read up on the Fermi Paradox

  10. Pan says:

    what a crock of shit, that lady needs meds

  11. I live in the San Luis Valley. I am going with the "crazy people" explanation.

  12. An excellent book that covers this incident:
    37th Parallel
    by Ben Mezrich

    If yer a cow don't go here.
    You'll git yer nads removed with surgical precision.

  13. Hxllz Cxrtxz says:

    Colorado does have some sketchy creepy areas

  14. Dun Dun says:

    I've been there! She's a really nice lady. We had an hour long conversation and I even saw a UFO while I was there at the watchtower. Me and some others who were camping there over night were drinking beers having a good time. Fond memories. By the way, the alligator farm is not even a mile away from the watchtower if my memory is correct, which is why they interviewed the alligator guy.

  15. Mwdub02 says:

    UFO like to go to Colorado only ?. I think trump is one tyrant UFO who happens to be from NYC.

  16. Slavman says:

    Vice, you can do better than this trash.

  17. Kyle Beatty says:

    No one gives a fuck unless you have video evidence. Simple as that .

  18. The lady seems like a really nice person 🙂

  19. Artie Baca says:

    I'm in Denver Colorado and every other day I see our hear about someone that saw one I didn't believe anyone at first our my fams but we all believe now…

  20. ChloeTheCat says:

    Holy heck he's got a pet gator

  21. John B says:

    where's Dipper and Mable?

  22. moasn nagant says:

    Iv seen this place when my uncal whent hunting

  23. it's the fire bud they want

  24. Mark Oliver says:

    Where are the pictures? all I see is bullshit.

  25. Samuel Boles says:

    okay baby here we go ladies and gentlemen right off the bat the San Luis Valley and the town of Hopper and Center I hung out with the locals in that town like for real and if anyone knows what it's really like to hang out with the locals in that town there Native Americans and they're awesome they were really cool I left a very expensive backpack anyway I didn't see this before but this is absolutely because I hitchhiked through here and was just hanging out here and they're exploring and the more that I hung out there the more that I've got the feeling that there was a lot of Paranormal Activity there was a UFO viewing Center platform and Campground and stuff but Highway 285 in Southern Colorado which is where this is it is an awesome place I highly recommend it

  26. Oh shittt I live in Colorado

  27. Siesei says:

    This just in… a person believes in aliens. Hear it second-hand.

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