UFO Sightings LAPD Police Helicopter Surveys UFOs! Shocking Video Watch Now! July 12 2012


UFO Sightings LAPD Police Helicopter Surveys UFO? Stunning Online video! Unbelievable Eye Witness Testimony 2012 Unique job interview with Thirdphaseofmoon and all who were being current to this Astounding Function around the Skies of L.A.! If you have caught just about anything Astounding pertaining to UFOs get in touch with Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype! To Enjoy the Entire Raw and Un-Slice Online video Click on Url Mitchell Lubin Footage Footage July 8, 2012!


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  1. DELTA DJ says:

    boy band rejects

  2. wow I didnt know about this, and was a long time ago, if theres a way to find out who were the pilots of that helicopter at that time in that area, that would be a great interview

  3. best renta says:

    they are no more stars at night anymore…. in the past you can see stars in the sky. now is only ufo's do you notice that 2???

  4. Lana Beth says:

    UFOs own the sky!! finally they can not control everything !!! it must buy the USA that they can't order them around!!!!

  5. Ford Danniel says:

    There's nothing to say it's fake.

  6. Deserae West says:

    I just posted and it didn't show up?

  7. Deserae West says:

    Whats up with the guy in the back of the room? The one in the brown shirt, introvert maybe? He didn't realy participate much.. Hmm the 5th wheel perhaps? Very creapy indeed.

  8. What the fick IT must be real

  9. Chan says:

    Many will not believe this vid, but I saw one in real life. It was so fast, you can't say it's a shooting star because they are falling down but what I saw was going up so fast and suddenly disappeared.

  10. why does that faggot wannabe have an illuminati tattoo? tryna fit in wit hollywood? well being a santanist isnt cool

  11. blyzo50 says:

    The constant sticky notes are lame. From what I've seen the more sticky notes the more noob you are. Keep trying though….

  12. Edwin J says:

    One word…….DRONE!!

  13. Martinrfc87 says:

    defo chinese lanterns

  14. Jesus Blake and his brother are such fucking obvious phonies.

  15. Eric Foley says:

    Is anyone else concerned about the all seeing eye tattoo on that guys neck? The one of the far right. Illuminati?

  16. ATC confirmed they were Chinese lanterns.

  17. Probably some unheard-of unknown anonymous random tech savvy mofo experimenting some weido technology they brewed up in their massive Hollywood garage stash spot middle of nowhere ..possible holograms, some weirdo ra Dom space vehicle they made don't under estimate a Hollywood mofo

  18. the guy with the tattoo has an Illuminati symbol on his neck

  19. fucking sky lamps bro . pathetic.

  20. fucking sky lamps bro . pathetic.

  21. with that fagg that has the pyramid I doubt this is real.


  23. Pasu suel says:

    lol, 5 people that are bad liars hahaha.

    those faces said everything.

  24. tac540 says:

    all i see is 5 stoned morons looking at sky lanterns in awe…

  25. Paul Gross says:

    The one dude has the pier mid on his update for the videos bake no need to fear the Lord Jesus Christ come quickly

  26. Burp Burp says:

    wow, a Chinese lantern.

  27. Cory Boyd says:

    I agree with you Sean, it's always blurry camera always jumping around. all they were was some big hot air balloons lit up.

  28. George Ayala says:

    once i get a hold of my friend i will show u a video here in NYC same thing but u can actually here them all talking.

  29. sean keenan says:

    Soooooo, there are 900 gazillion people in LA, each with a camera…and NO ONE has any descent video of this shit?????? Oh, and let me guess….any other video is either completely out of frame 99% of the time and shot by someone having a fucking epileptic seizure while running their fucking mouth the whole time!

  30. is it weird that they're the only guys who recorded this I mean how many people live out there how many people on phones and you got to tell me you're the only guy who had to record it and you guys are believing this come on really you guys smoking some good stuff out there

  31. It's so weird when things just rise up into the sky……..unless they are Chinese lanterns! What is in da water out there dawg? OK so maybe it was a alien space craft…but don't worry they were just coming back to pick up half of their homies in the hollywood set.

  32. GameSoft says:

    I filmed a ufo video not too long ago

  33. Jose Galindo says:

    Last week here in L.A. I believe that what ever those lights were, they came back because I saw them and a few minutes after one just appeared out of nowhere and after that they just all disappeared one after another! trippy shit haha

  34. MrEricStarr says:

    so untrue take all of you videos down please

  35. Henry Arrey says:

    yes do some research and ask helicopter pilot.. it's a UFO but I'm interested in hearing from them ..get on it

  36. Spherian7 says:

    I wish we could have a closer look.  It is clear that when the copter approaches VERY close the copter is orienting such that the tail is slowly moving from left to right as it hovers and maintains its cockpit orientation directly at the object. Thus, the object is seen disappearing behind the copter fuselage as we look directly at the rear of the copter. Then as the copter moves slightly right the object remerges into view, having not moved at all.    It's quite possible these are the three that have been over FL, NC, and right here in WDC.   The three that have been here are the size of a metro bus, are shaped like vertically oriented cocktail olives with an incredible white spherical light in the base. This light can swivel, and the hull as well – so that the light in the base can "see" to the horizon angle. Yet there is no deviation in the flight path.  In two of three appearances, a Marines Presidential Copter Unit  Huey tried to intercept, but the three had already skedaddled.   I have vid of these as they passed directly overhead at low altitude at NW corner WDC.         "Very Unique UFOs over Nation's Capital".        I reference this as the tapers in the vid above talk about the "Chinese lantern" look but that they were as big as the copter, which was the same in my case. In fact, these were caught and shown on NC local news with the idiotic commentary that they were "probably Chinese lanterns."  It sickens me.  You know – the mainstreams media's reputation for moronitude is not improving.

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