UFO Sightings Malaysian Flight 370 Three Incredible UFO Reports! March 21, 2014


“NEW” UFO Sightings! Malaysian Flight 370, And Three Incredible UFO Experiences! March 21, 2014 Incredible Movies and Photos Submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon This 7 days of March!

Armada of Lights Unique Url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJtXDJsFPK8

Intro Graphic By my3dscene https://www.youtube.com/user/MadStudiochile

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34 Responses

  1. last i got snap its shape like quarter moon and very near to me

  2. the thing is i can feel there are somebody looking at me then i saw the shinning playing wt coming down and going up sometimes moving ..1st i thiuggt there is drone but there is other thing too thr

  3. teiangale objek something big ufo ryte

  4. hey i got some picture meanwhile did u hear the noice buah vuah buah nearly 1 and half hour

  5. jo83au says:

    This is disgusting, Flght 370 went down in the ocean, killing all on board. they have found parts of the plane. This needs to be taken down off youtube. Show some respect to the family members of the passengers. You guys are disgusting.

  6. The so called formations of UFOs are in fact , contact, they are speaking to us. Compare the formations to the star systems, they match perfectly.

  7. I like you're change in intro music.

  8. Kevin D says:

    Luv it. Especially when somebody's hair is described as the tree line.

  9. ntents1 says:


  10. Byron Clown says:

    Like a group of people'' In meditation… Like an introduction of an Occult ūüôā

  11. It crashed into the Indian Ocean you idiots.

  12. Interesting until time line 8.10 then it just got ridiculously amateurish and ruined it. So obviously a hoax call and very very badly acted out.

  13. To see one in a lifetime is a big thing, to see them on a regular basis and photograph them is fake fake fake.

  14. teron gibbs says:

    i live in the Bahamas the ufo at 7.30 me and some friends saw to it was amazing to see a ufo in person

  15. jublywubly says:

    2:11 I'm calling shenanigans on this one. The object looks extremely like a 12v or 240v powered mattress inflating pump with the housing removed and cut wires hanging out the left of it. We sell them at work.

  16. Flower Power says:

    Press the wing on the left… discover something

  17. Third phase moon is nothing but fake videos for views, it's a parody and they've admitted it. Useless, discredits real research into ETS and UFOs.

  18. mkvGTI says:

    i was watching some good ufo videos till this channel came up

  19. fidel catsro says:

    definitely god didnt create us humanity alone… even tesla a great crackpot scientist said he was listening to alien signal transmissions in some of his experiments..alien or as i prefer to call them god's other dimensional creations do exist..

  20. Joe Luft says:

    that's a TREE line @ 2:36??? and this was AFTER sunset??? and the object is definitely metallic and MOVING??? good GRIEF.

  21. SUNGEAR59 says:

    just when i forget to check who made it Up you pop , this channel / person  has done more harm to this topic than all others before it , never give it credit as its all fake and just a money making venture is all.

  22. spend a little time for research, less on the opening to your vids. gee you guys are running out of stuff,,,, ain't you

  23. kriz earl says:

    lying…that didnt look like a tree line…that looked home made

  24. I think this photos was taken underwater ūüôā looks like exploration submarine ūüėČ and this beam of light ? you think this is real ?¬†

  25. iflagforfun says:

    The video from the airplane I am 99% sure that what they are filming is a planet.  Venus possibly, I know Saturn is very bright as well.  From the shot at 9:30 the object isn't moving is is the place that is straightening out as the wing is going down.  You can tell from the horizon that it is the plane that is moving and not the object.  

  26. George says:

    Did you ever think for one moment in your life about reality?  Did you ever investigate the enormous amount of manmade space debris that is returning daily to Earth?  Every country that can is sending garbage into space and they are not all successful.  Where do they go?  Remember that mysterious force called GRAVITY?  Look up the number of satellites, probes, space stations, booster rockets that return to Earth without any public warnings!  Not Alien craft, Idiot craft!

  27. tricestan says:

    The footage from Georgia looks a lot like flares from an aircraft. Is there am air base near this area of Georgia? Did the person filming this indicate any sound in conjunction with the emergence of the lights? I am a believer in UFO's and believe we are not alone and being visited, so please do not mistake me as a debunker, just saying this looks like flares. I am a Navy veteran and have seen night time deployment of flares and they can be deployed in this fashion BUT a person in the are would hear jet wash, I did not hear it in this footage… Interesting video indeed…

  28. Fred Fungus says:

    Humans Uncivilized Primitive  No Hope 

  29. Read This says:

    if anything is narrated by a americunt , youmust and can not believe it,remember 9/11

  30. E farei aparecer prodígios em cima, no céu; E sinais em baixo na terra, Sangue, fogo e vapor de fumo. Atos 2:19

    E haverá em vários lugares grandes terremotos, e fomes e pestilências; haverá também coisas espantosas, e grandes sinais do céu. Lucas 21:11

    Os carros de Deus s√£o vinte milhares, milhares de milhares. O Senhor est√° entre eles, como em Sinai, no lugar santo. Salmos 68:17

  31. Never seen so much rubbish in my life, is this station for real. Do they espect people to believe these videos lol. TPM , good for childrens tv but not for educated people.

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