UFO Sightings Multiple Witnesses February 8th 2017


UFO Sightings Many Witnesses February eighth 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings at a design internet site. The supply was accomplishing more than time when he and his coworkers observed this object. He then filmed the UFO with his cell cellphone. He was rather distort more than the whole condition he finished up leaving right right after the UFO Sighting. He showed his manager the UFO footage and then took off. This UFO seems to be a U formed object. Not positive what the UFO is made out of. Wonderful UFO footage on this one.
This is one our favorite UFO sightings. Glance at this UFO it appears to be like a area ship. This is just amazing. The supply was standing more than the freeway filming this UFO. The freeway in concern is 696. So this UFO sighting comes to us from Michigan. Glance at this UFO the major appears to be like it is a glass. This is just great. The UFO moved gradually alongside the freeway.
UFO Sightings Mysterious Item. This is a terrific UFO circumstance. The supply and wife just got carried out consuming and where by headed to their vehicle. The challenge was that ems was referred to as due to an more mature girl acquiring breathing challenges. The Fire truck and EMS where by blocking the drive so they could not get out and had to wait around for the drive to obvious. The supply appeared up though ready and observed this UFO. This is terrific UFO footage search at this UFO it has some type of outer power glow just exceptional footage on this one.
UFO Sightings Alabama 2017. This is obvious terrific UFO footage. The supply was out at a park with spouse and children acquiring a picnic when he heard a plane over. He then appeared up to see this UFO. He was working with a qualified digicam getting pictures of his spouse and children. This digicam was then employed to film this UFO. He is working with some type of extravagant lens that blurs the outside of the footage. We imagine we could possibly have shed some high quality in the transfer of this UFO video to us. This UFO appears to be like the same as the one in the past video. It seems to be made out of some sort of metallic. The UFO also has some power on the stop of it possibly this is what is propelling the UFO. Just exceptional UFO footage on this one and we are likely to have to say evidence beneficial.
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  1. Alians2 Kat says:

    I always enjoy your videos. Because footages are very clear, compare to other websites.You know, it would so cool if someone could video what's inside the craft. Especially the one from the Michigan 696 freeway, the object with the glass dome. What is inside that dome?

  2. Rene Nielsen says:

    Hi there. this is René From Denmark.
    Wonder What happend to the Plain on the left,semes to wanish in to a small cloud komming in contact with the plain.

  3. gerald smith says:

    I think this ship is reptilian . The tear drop jump ship ..

  4. good vids as usual love watchin these ?

  5. i begin to believe in this ufo thing,i have seen twice this thing in this year,night time

  6. Harrell Hall says:

    I enjoy your video's, some look like kites or blimps

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